Suggestions for more smoke flavoring
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Suggestions for more smoke flavoring
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Thread: Suggestions for more smoke flavoring

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    Question Suggestions for more smoke flavoring

    I have recently purchased a new Daniel Boone Green Mountain Grill. Initialy I loved it.
    I recently smoked a 8lb turkey breast ( bone in). I set the thermometer at 180 deg. and smoked for almost 7 hours. It cooked nicely, and had lots of juice, but lacked that deep smoke ring, and smoke flavoring we all crave.
    If anyone has any suggestions regarding higher temp, duration, I would love to hear your comments.

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    Go to Big Poppa Smokers & order one of these.
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    The great thing about a pellet smoker is you cannot over smoke with one. Of course in your situation where you want a heavier smoke flavor on the Turkey it can't happen without added assistance like the Amazen tube smoker. Add a few rubs and spices to get free shipping from Big Poppa Smokers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pelletnewby View Post
    ...but lacked that deep smoke ring, and smoke flavoring we all crave.

    ► If it lacked a fairly decent smoke ring as well as smoke flavor, then my first thought is always moisture level. If the air is dry where you live (or in the Winter), that pays a huge role. Without proper moisture in the pit, Nitric acid cannot form (which is what causes the smoke ring). The moisture also allows the carbonyls in the smoke to stick to the food better, giving more smoke flavor.

    Try adding a water pan to your pit. I like using a small loaf pan or even a couple clean veggie cans full of hot water. Use hot water, because the sooner you can get moisture in the pit, the sooner the smoke starts adhering.

    ► If your smoking (as opposed to grilling), don't turn your pellet cooker on until you put the food on. Take advantage of the extra smoke generated by the ignition/warm-up cycle.

    ► Others have suggested getting a pellet tube smoker to add more smoke - good advice! Be sure to locate it where it can draw oxygen.

    Two suggestions regarding pellets: In your intro thread, you mentioned you weren't happy with the GMG pellets. Try the BBQr's Delight, and try the Apple flavor. Contrary to popular belief, Apple can give a deeper smoke flavor and smell than other flavors. That's why I use it to smoke Bacon and I get a really deep smoke flavor, even on the pellet grill.

    Apple will also give a darker chestnut brown color to your poultry. Apple is my go-to wood for poultry. Cherry would be next (it gives more of a mahogany color).

    Hope this helps!


    P.S. Big Poppa Smokers has free shiping on the BBQr's Delight Pellets
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