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Traeger Jr. Vent Mod
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Thread: Traeger Jr. Vent Mod

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    Traeger Jr. Vent Mod

    Hi all, I own 2 Traegers, the lil Tex elite and the Traeger Jr. for camping. I made a mod to my jr. and thought I would share. I did not want to fab, so all of the parts needed are available at Home Depot. The vents are changed to regulate or keep more of the smoke in the smoker longer for a better smoke taste/Flavor which is a complaint I seem to have heard beforeVent mod 3.jpgVent mod 2.jpgVent mod 1.jpgVent mod 4.jpg

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    Cool idea. I like it.

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    Very clever and inexpensive idea!
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    I have two Jrs that we cook on at home on a regular basis (until I buy my Mak 1 star :-)

    Anyways, I always have at least one of the exhaust ports plugged. I use a really hi-tech method.......foil :-)
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