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Tri Tip Dinner
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Thread: Tri Tip Dinner

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    Tri Tip Dinner

    Yummy in my tummy, two USDA Prime Tips straight out of the fridge, Applied Rub, then straight on the MAK set on smoke. Smoked until internal temp got to 105, about 1.5 hours.

    Turned up to 240 until internal temp of 155, an addition 1.5 to 2 hours. Pulled, tented with foil and rested about 30 minutes while cooking other items.

    Then into the tummy, can I say yummy?

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    Looks like another masterpiece man, looks like you got your grill cleaned up....LOL
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    Goosehunter, the whole plate looks fabulous, and that Tri-Tip is cooked just how I like!
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    Mmmm! I'll take a plate of that all!! Nice smoke ring, too!
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    Nice work, Goose, looks like you are thoroughly enjoying your new toy...

    Keep the pix coming!
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    That meal looks fantastic! I agree with sptucker, keep posting pics.
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    Thanks to all for the compliments, it was a great dinner. Left over tri tip sandwich for dinner tonight wasn't bad either.

    Quick question I noticed a much stronger smoke flavor in the meat tonight, very good but did not notice it yesterday, is this normal or was my palate just cleansed today?

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    I find a lot of foods are better the second day....maybe it's just me.
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