Vacuum Tumbler to brine/marinate?
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Vacuum Tumbler to brine/marinate?
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Thread: Vacuum Tumbler to brine/marinate?

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    Vacuum Tumbler to brine/marinate?

    Have any of you folks used a vacuum tumbler to brine or marinate? If so, what do you think? Is it a must-have or just a gimmick?
    My son-in-law has one that he uses to marinate flank steak for making beef jerkey on his Traeger. He loves it.
    But, I'm wondering how it works on chicken, steaks, fish, etc.
    The only vacuum tumbler I am aware of is the Reveo MariVac and it sells for around $175.
    Let's hear what you folks have to say?

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    I recently got a Marinade Express and I was a little skeptical, but it definitely works as advertised. So far I have done Chicken, fish (salmon, tilapia, and tuna), Beef for Carne Asada tacos, and beef for jerky. It cuts the marinade time by about 75%. It is awesome in that you can have marinaded food without really having to plan ahead. Jerky has come out killer with it, 20-30 minutes with your favorite jerky marinade and you are ready to go. I haven't done any brining with it yet.

    I don't have any experience with the Reveo, but so far the Marinade Express has been worth it.
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    I started with the reveo. Nice but really doesn't have the strong vacuum and the canister warps easily. That's how I discovered marinade express. I'm biased but I love the unit especially for chicken

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    Just starting using ours. If I only used it for chicken I would be happy. Did a steak today. Need to do some fish.
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