Vegetarian ideas?
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Vegetarian ideas?
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Thread: Vegetarian ideas?

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    Vegetarian ideas?

    My daughter went off to college and decided to follow a vegetarian diet. She'll be back home for Thanksgiving week and the semester break next month, so I'm looking for some ideas for vegetarian-friendly pellet cooker recipes. I guess technically her diet is pesca-vegetarian, so seafood is OK, but I already do smoked salmon & catfish, and grilled shrimp. What're some of your favorites?

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    Fish tacos are always a Lenten staple around here. Hot smoke some cod/flounder/grouper/swai and pile on your favorite toppings.

    For a big dinner, try a Paella. Shrimp, clams, mussels, crayfish..
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    I've read somewhere on this forum (can't remember who it was now) that marinated/smoked tofu works out really well! Sear it so it's crispy on the outside... yum.

    Just make sure you press out all of the water before marinating your tofu... or else it won't pick up any flavor! (I used to be vegan, can you tell?)

    Or maybe a Portobello mushroom burger? Pretty sure Big Poppa has a Portobello mushroom pizza recipe on here as well...

    Good Luck!
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    Oh, I also used to make a version of these as well: Spicy Bean Burgers – Easy Veggie Burgers for your BBQ | Veggie BBQ Ideas
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    Grilling veggies is a big plus. There are time we have meat and two grilled veggies dishes for dinner. Your lucky that fish is still in the mix.
    Consider fast cooking fish. Swai filets or talapia are a good choice and priced right. Mahi-Mahi is good as is sea bass.
    If you don't mind a little spice in your food Big Poppas Desert Gold is good on fish. I will PM you some others.
    The veggies we marinate in salad dressing etc and then spice a few minutes before grilling. The fish tacos are easy as the fish is actually better a little overcooked so the outside has some crunch. Either fish or veggies some grill grates are helpful when cooking.
    Remember if the grills your cooking on has not been spotlessly clean of any meat products, a lot of vegans will not eat the food you cook on those grills. Which for me is a good excuse to totally give a spring cleaning to a grill. I guess you can tell I have served dinners where family members were once vegans or vegetarians.

    forgot I posted this somewhere on the forums. With me it is always simple.Take Shrimp, rub with a little oil and spice with BP Desert Gold and cook. I actualy like these better on the MAK griddle or fry pan a crowd favorite.
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    my son hangs out w/ a vege girl. they will eat anything off the grill. ziploc bag w/ any veges and SOW marinade. throw on hot grill grates and dust w/ desert gold. good stuff. do the same thing w/ any fish. wonderful. carter grills some mean artichokes up. look that recipe up. watch some of BP videos. he grill up some veges too.
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    We do eggplant parmesean on the grill and it always turns out great-

    Grilled Eggplant Parm

    Got the recipe from Amazing

    Egglant Recipie: Ciao Down Grilled Eggplant Parm Recipe
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    This time of year Acorn Squash is phenomenal done on the grill!
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    Thanks for the ideas. I'll put 'em to the test starting this weekend. Might even get the daughter to start cooking on the Advantage.

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    Being vegan is a great thing to used to be! =)
    Love my veggies but can't do without the meat.
    Great veg ideas, thanks.


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