Cast Iron vs Porcelain Grates
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Cast Iron vs Porcelain Grates
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Thread: Cast Iron vs Porcelain Grates

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    Cast Iron vs Porcelain Grates

    My Traeger Pro 22 came with Porcelain grates
    Would it be worth the money to upgrade to Cast Iron grates ?
    Any advantage with the Cast Iron over the Porcelain ?


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    Cast are a pain to care for. I would stick with what you have
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    Thanks..the porcelain is pretty easy to clean.

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    Just make sure you are careful when cleaning them. A wire brush is fine but don't scrape them. A metal scraper will cut into the porcelain (I know from experience with my porcelain coated cast iron). I imagine that is why there are wood scrapers but don't know for sure since I've never used one.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I think my grate is probably just porcelain covered steel. I don't think its cast iron.
    It does clean very easy...just a little spay of cleaner and some Hot water with a little brushing and its good to go.


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