What does your Handle mean?
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What does your Handle mean?
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Thread: What does your Handle mean?

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    We live in Savannah, GA so Savannahsmoker

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    rivraton=river raton(Spanish for rat) spent 30 years running around the Sacramento /San Joaquin delta, til the price of fuel on a fixed income made it impossible. So I sold my Chris Craft and bout a small motor home, but I'm still a river rat at heart...

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    We have a motorhome that has model name Kountry Star. Travel quite a bit and often refer to it as the starship, as it takes us places that we haven't been (take off on the old Star Trek TV show). I started using Starship on an RV web site about 10 years ago and just seemed easier to use it everywhere than try and remember a new name every time I went to a forum.
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    I just happen to be a good bad example.

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    I'm 5'3" and my old boss liked giving the new guys nicknames. One day I did something dumb and he yelled out "you're killing me Smalls!" and it was like you could actually see the lightbulb going off over his head. The name stuck. I think more people know me by Smalls than by my real name.

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    Bark Biter would seem simple enough on a smoking forum, but nooooo.

    The real meaning is back in February we were sledding with friends at thier cottage and I kinda hit a baby tree off trail and our groomer co-ordinater who was with us started calling me Bark Biter.

    Otherwise I have plenty of other names, but I like this one best.

    Traeger 075
    Old Gasser



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    Thought I already replied to this thread.
    Two things I like...wolves and Smokin' foods (lobo is spanish for wolf).

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    Well, it is time to chime in on this one!

    Smalls, that is great, the line actually comes from the movie "The Sand Lot", fantastic movie is you can remember as a kid just putting together a baseball team in the neightborhood in the summer just to play and get out of the house.

    I normally go by "Backdraft864" which is my job being a firefighter and the number are the IAFF (International Association of Fire Fighters) local that I belong too. I have also gone by "Phoenix" again because of my job.

    But for this forum I thought I would use the FireHouseSmoker because most of us at the firehouse do cook up some great meals. Since we have to cook for everyone on shift, which routates each shift so everyone get a turn (but, I hate to say not ALL can cook). Since, I have gotten the Traeger the wife and I have cooked on it every night except 7 nights in about 4 to 5 months now (excluding the days I am at the firehouse) I am not sure if the lovely wife cooks on it or not! When I am at the firehouse the guys are always asking so, what new ideas have you smoked up? I don't know if they are tired of hearing about it or really are interested. The have not complained about some of the leftovers I have brought to work and they have indulged in!!!

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    When I first connect to the internet some 19 years ago I had no idea what the heck a username was so when I found out I was not real imaginitive and I looked at the computer monitor and "komodo" was the name of the monitor so I began using it. Then along came a divorce and loss of a computer and I eventually forgot my secret squirrel password my email and had to sgn up again, imagine finding out that "komodo" was already taken ( I wonder who would have done such a deed) so I re-registered as "kskomodo04"

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    I normally use Chiken, nickname for years, the C in the middle was removed when i created an email address...then I changed it to ThaiChiken after living in Thailand.

    But when I joined this forum I wanted it to be simple, so its my first name, Kristen & BPS since I am the newest member of the Big Poppa Smokers team. So not too original but easy to remember.

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    Had the name given me by the computer when trying to find a user name for email and what with brain injury and depression that comes with it the name just kind of stuck. Thank god for Ham radio and BBQing with pellets and fire. Love it.


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