What does your Handle mean?
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What does your Handle mean?
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Thread: What does your Handle mean?

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    Morman Mecca
    Comes from being a long time sponsor of Ducks Unlimted (du) and my first name (bob) - dubob. Still hunting waterfowl of all sorts and loving it.

    Bob Hicks, from Morman Mecca
    I'm 76 years young and going as hard as I can for as long as I can.
    “Free men don't ask permission to bear arms.” - Glen Aldrich

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    Nice! Welcome dubob
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    I'm from the Pacific Northwest, and when I lived on the East Coast my buddies called me Pac Man because of that. Haven't gone by the nickname in years, but I figured "Pac" rhymes with "MAK," so decided to bring it out of retirement.
    MAK 2-Star General
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