where is everybody buying their pellets?
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where is everybody buying their pellets?
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Thread: where is everybody buying their pellets?

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    If there was no border crossing involved or theiving customs brokers I would order from bp right to my door.

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    BM pellets in 20 lb bags of all types at a local distributer are $9.89 plus tax.
    This place is three miles from my work on the way home so it is simple to stop by and get whatever flavor pellet my Mak is hungry for.
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    Even with that I still get mine from BPS.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jables View Post
    If there was no border crossing involved or theiving customs brokers I would order from bp right to my door.

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    Like many here, BBQers Delight from Big Poppa Smokers. I've got 80lbs. on the way as a matter of fact. Ordered on Wednesday. Just tracked them. UPS estimates they'll be here in one more business day. So, I guess they'll be here on Monday. Free shipping too!
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    OK, thanks for all the info. I will probably drive my 30 miles to get the barb. delight. Ed, the guy I bought the Green Mountain pellets from told me that they are 90% oak and 5% hickory and 5% mesquite. He is a Green Mountain dealer also. They burn hot but not much flavor. I will be careful about the 100% hickory pellets then.

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    I like the bear mountain pellets and I didn't get alot of ash. They are just expensive and to ship from Oregon to Missouri.

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    That's exactly right, good smoke but no flavor. Evan when I mixed 20 lbs. of the all hickory I couldn't tell much difference. It was 20lbs to 40lbs. though.

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    Hey all,
    speaking of pellets and ash, I need to consider where I am going to clean out the ash. My pellet grill isn't in yet. I am wondering what you all are doing to clean out the ashes and where you stow them. I'm also putting a wood fired brick pizza oven in, and will have ash from that as well to tend to. Was thinking about a metal covered waste bin or something. what all are you guys using?

    Also, does BPS sell those plastic Charcoal Caddies for storing pellets, cause I couldn't find them on their online store. what's the height on those with lids on?

    Thanks! Just a few more weeks (keeping fingers crossed) for my 4 star!


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    Mak sells the containers from their website. Not sure on bps.

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    I have five MAK pellet buckets from MAK and love them. No getting by the fact they are expensive, but I love mine. I have 5 that hold 200 lbs of the 500+ that I order. You can decide how you want to store yours.
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