Apple-Smoked Crown Rack of Pork
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Apple-Smoked Crown Rack of Pork
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Thread: Apple-Smoked Crown Rack of Pork

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    Apple-Smoked Crown Rack of Pork

    This past week was my Mom's B-Day so today was a combo Birthday/Easter dinner.

    Apple-Smoked Crown Rack of Pork
    with Braised Apples & Cornbread Stuffing

    I picked up a 15 lb whole pork loin. it was big enough that I cut a whole roast off of the thickest end and trimmed the rest up into a crown rack. The Mrs. used some of the bones & scraps to make some pork stock.

    I rubbed all sides with some Sage, Salt, Fresh cracked Pepper, Rosemary & Nutmeg. Put it on to smoke for a while using Apple Pellets for smoke flavor. You can see that because this was a whole loin section (not two rib sections), the bones in the thick end get too small to french (expose the bone for a dramatic presentation). That's OK... It still looks great.

    While it smoked a while, we mixed the cornbread stuffing: Wheat Bread, Cornbread, Onions & Celery sauteed with some herbs (Sage, Salt, Pepper, Rosemary), shredded Carrot, eggs, & pork stock. Stuff the crown roast & bump temp up to 350.

    Cut up some apples & onions, sprinkle on the same herbs as the pork (Sage, Salt, Pepper, Rosemary & Nutmeg) then mix 1/2 cup beer, 1/4 cup each brown sugar & cider vinegar and add to the dish. This combo creates a savory, slightly sweet/tart sauce that compliments pork very well and the apples pick up smoke flavor oh so nicely.

    Into the smoker to braise for an hour or so with the roast.

    When the roast's I.T. temp hit 156 I turned the heat off and let it ride. FTC'd and off to Mom's house for dinner.

    While the roast is resting: Finish the apples/onions off in a hot skillet by adding a little water & corn starch then reducing the liquid down to a nice sauce. Turn off the heat and stir in a dab of butter right at the end (this adds a glossy sheen to the sauce).

    It made a beautiful presentation.

    Slice into thick chops...

    Serve with some of the braised apples & onions right on top.
    Plated with the stuffing, Sour Cream & Chive Mashed Potatoes & Roasted Carrots.

    It was tender, juicy & well worth the extra prep time!

    Thanks for looking!
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    wow cliff wonderful!

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    That is a beautiful roast Cliff.

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    Yum!! That's a work of art Cliff!!

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    A real showpiece! Nice work Cliff!
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    Beautiful presently and cook!!! Looks simply scrumptious ...
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    Lookin' good! I'll bet it tasted even better.

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    same goes for you cliff. jeanie is staying in my sons room and i will gladly kick out my daughter and you can you her room. come on down cliff. FT in the outside frig. pool is a little chilly but ok.
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    Beautiful cook, great presentation on an amazing looking meal. Your mom has a very special son!
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