Bacon wrapped mak smoked lobster fattie!
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Bacon wrapped mak smoked lobster fattie!
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Thread: Bacon wrapped mak smoked lobster fattie!

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    Bacon wrapped mak smoked lobster fattie!

    I love fatties.

    Start with the bacon weave. Season with the seasoning of your choice
    Roll out the Jimmy Dean Sausage
    Place the strips of lobster in the center
    put your combo of onions and peppers
    squeeze the room temp cream cheese
    Roll it up Sparky!
    SMoke at 300 until the bacon is crisp
    Slice and serve

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    Wow, that is awesome looking (I wish I could eat lobster)

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    Now how could a "trendy foodie" not love that? . Looks awesome BP!
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    Wow.... that looks and sounds soo tasty! I've not tried lobster in the mix, will put that on my to-do list. Thanks BP.

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    Bacon wrapped - MAK smoked - Lobster - Fattie

    BP, that's another one of those titles that just gets better and better with every word... and then you stuffed it with cream cheese... Oh my, oh my, oh my!

    This ones now on my list!

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    A little lobster sauce right over the top of that, and might have to start an FA group. (Fatties Anonymous) A 12 STINT program for your heart! That has to be wonderful. Great idea!


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