Brisket - Cattle Prodded and Cash Cow'd
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Brisket - Cattle Prodded and Cash Cow'd
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Thread: Brisket - Cattle Prodded and Cash Cow'd

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    Brisket - Cattle Prodded and Cash Cow'd

    Started with a Costco Prime Brisket, about 14 lbs. This brisket had the thickest flat on any brisket that I have cooked! I trimmed, injected with BPS Cattleprod injection, and rubbed with BPS Cash Cow. Put on the smoker on smoke for an hour then raised to 265°F:

    After about 5.5 hours, I had the color I wanted:

    Foiled and probbed with Thermworks Smoke and Chef Alarm:

    Alarms went off at 198°F, and they probed smooth. Pulled off, rested for two hours and ready to slice:

    Flat sliced with nice smoke ring:

    Past the bend test and pulled perfect also:

    Another picture:

    All plated up:

    This is by far the best brisket I have cooked. It was the first brisket I have injected, and I finally think I cooked it right.

    Thanks for looking!
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    That looks awesome! Great smoke ring too!

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    Oh wow. that looks great!

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    I'm not a fan of brisket flat (I prefer the point), but I've got to admit that one looks pretty dang good! Nice Job.
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    Nice work!

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    I'm also sold on CattleProd and Cash Cow! Great job!
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