Cuckoo Racha Chicken
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Cuckoo Racha Chicken
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    Cuckoo Racha Chicken

    Trying another of the BPS rubs I got recently-- decided to cook up one of the meat chickens we raised this year and use the Cuckoo Racha chili rub.

    Smeared the fat little half bird with some oil

    Sprinkled with some Cuckoo Racha-- such a chubby little guy!

    Aaaaand finished up after doing about 45 minutes of smoke, then cranked up to 325 until the breast hit 160.

    Bird was nice and juicy, and the rub was flavorful with a pleasant heat to it! Will try it on some other foods, but it was great on the chicken, for sure!
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    You've inspired me to try this. I have Cuckoo Racha and for some reason I've only ever added it to soups and such. I need to try it as the main rub on a bird!

    You are on a roll with the pictures -- keep 'em coming!
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