I Feel Like Chicken Tonight!
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I Feel Like Chicken Tonight!
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Thread: I Feel Like Chicken Tonight!

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    I Feel Like Chicken Tonight!

    First up was the chicken thighs. All trimmed up and bone removed. The wife wont eat the skin and all my work on the rub goes in the trash for her if I dont get it off.

    KC Style dry rub with touch, a slight touch of heat. Not much since the kids eat it too.

    Some plain mashed potatoes, because I like em that way. Oh there is butter and garlic in there, trust me.

    Grilled up some asparagus tossed with olive oil and some Salmon seasoning sprinkled on.

    LETS EAT!!!!!!!!

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    Love asparagus with olive oils, good goes with the grilled once

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    Nice looking chicken. My daughter won't eat the skin either.

    I like mashed taters that way sometimes too. When we make 'em that way I like to use a little sour cream instead of milk.
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    Looks great, Acill!

    I gotta work on my chicken cooking!

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    Lookin good!
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    Nice, thanks for sharing.
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    Why don't you put your favorite rub on your piece. No reason you have to eat what the kids eat.
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    There is nothing better than cooking chicken on the bone. Why? It keeps the meat moist and tender and adds a ton of flavor. Chicken breasts are people’s go-to cut of meat if they are trying to eat healthy, but I challenge you to try a chicken thigh. They get a bad rap because they have more fat, but that’s true only if you eat it. Here’s a trick. Trim off any excess fat. Peel the skin away from the thigh but don’t throw it away. Season the meat and add some fresh herbs. Pull the skin back over the thigh and roast it. Next, mix up a (sort of) BBQ sauce by combining honey with apple cider vinegar. When chicken is almost done, pull the crispy skin away and drizzle the honey mixture over the chicken. Return it to the oven for a few minutes and repeat. When the chicken is done, discard the skin and enjoy the tender, juicy, flavorful meat.


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