Replace wood patio with concrete
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Replace wood patio with concrete
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Thread: Replace wood patio with concrete

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    Replace wood patio with concrete

    Finally replaced our wood patio with concrete.
    A little larger which let us rearrange everything. The Hasty Bake is lacking the stainless look the other cookers have, something we may change in the future, either turning it into a gourmet or replacing with a stainless one. first meal was on the BPS drum. Big party this weekend which means we had a deadline to meet.

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    Looks great. I think you may win the "Most Cookers" award, wow! I've been heading the other direction because I was out of room!

    BTW, I do like the way my HB Gourmet looks next to the MAK...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sptucker View Post
    Looks great. I think you may win the "Most Cookers" award, wow!
    I think BP is a strong contender for that title!

    Nice job Jim on the patio deck! Much safer than wood!
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    It looks great, Jim. I've been thinking about pouring a concrete slab back next to our Garage where I tend to cook.
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