Resurection Sunday Dinner on the MAK
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Resurection Sunday Dinner on the MAK
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Thread: Resurection Sunday Dinner on the MAK

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    Resurection Sunday Dinner on the MAK

    The last few years we've enjoyed boneless leg of lamb roasts done on the MAK, so it was requested this year by the Mrs. Being a smart man, I said, "Yes dear!"

    My favorite way to treat a lamb roast is a simple rub down with some spicy brown mustard, then a liberal sprinkling of salt, course black pepper and dried or fresh rosemary.

    On the MAK at 275 for the first hour or so, along with some bacon strips on the upper rack to partially cook for later use.

    After 30 minutes the bacon was removed. Already looking and smelling good!

    The temp was bumped up to 375 and we added some bacon-wrapped asparagus for the last thirty minutes or so.

    Done! The roast was taken off at an I.T. of 135 to rest for about 20 minutes.


    Plated. YUM! I had a salad, while the rest of the family had a rice dish (keepin' it low-carb).
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    Looks fantastic! I want to try someday, but family is not huge fans of lamb. I love it, but only get to make racks of lamb when they are gone for a weekend. I really like the idea of pre cooking the bacon prior to putting it around the asparagus. I do this when making bacon wrapped shrimp and scallops for appetizers.

    Now that I think about it, I can make a leg of lamb and slice it for lamb dip sandwiches like they sell at the Kern County Fair (I spent many years in Bakersfield). I may still find a way to cook this! U
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