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    Scared to pull out the brisket so figured I could practice on the Tri-tip. Thanks Muebe for some pointers.

    going basic just salt and pepper.

    no need to let pellets go to waste

    the trisket is in there somewhere.


    fl time

    and here ya go

    that doesn't look dried out

    a little too much pepper for the kids so I got all the bits and pieces. But it turned out great and ooohhh so good

    oh ya, I had some butts in there too. could have cooked a little longer but I couldn't wait to pull them off. Need to embrace the stall and they are done when they are done.

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    Bravo! [insert applause here]
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    Nice it is another way to cook tri tip
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    Looks real good. I've only done tri tip one time and I messed it up. Looks like you got it down. What was the time and temp for each stage?

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    About 5 hr over all. Foiled when I liked the color not sure of temp. When probe went in like butter I pulled. Didn't watch temps

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    Very nice smoke ring on the tri tip and great bark on the poke. Great job!
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    Really nice dish looks like full of protien.
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