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Carryover contest!  Enter to win Guaranteed winner
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Thread: Carryover contest! Enter to win Guaranteed winner

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    Pulled Pork Arepas with Black Beans and Guacamole

    This is a Venezuelan dish.

    Let’s get the pork going. The players

    Inject and into the fridge overnight.

    Some black beans to soak.

    Next morning rub and put the butt onto the Mak

    No since wasting smoke or space. Put some spares on for my bud who helped me put 1319 together.

    Beans on to cook. Add some pork and onion

    Let’s make the Arepas. The players

    Ready to fry

    Get the Guac going

    Porks ready to pull

    Beans done. Guacs done. Lets fry the arepas

    Time to plate

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    wanted to branch out a bit this week and I really wanted to try my hand at a mojo sauce so I gave it a whirl.
    On Friday while I was making a couple of steaks I roasted a few peppers.

    Much later after my steak was settled and a cold beer was enjoyed I started on my mojo sauce. Mojo is a traditional Cuban sauce with lots of garlic and a citrus juice. In Cuba they usually use sour orange, but finding that in Alberta is a bit tricky. i have seen a recipe using orange and lemon juices but i tried grapefruit to be different.
    Here are my sauce fixins.

    Once i got the sauce built i put in this handy jar and put it in the fridge for the night.

    I did not have time to do a regular pulled pork but I wanted that type of tenderness. I decided that a mojito brine would help. Sadly I had no fresh mint or lime on hand but I used what I had.

    That went in the fridge for the night as well. Saturday morning I had this fine piece of swine ready to go. I gave it a coat of siracha and mustard, and a basic rub of salt sugar and dry mustard.

    On to the traeger at 300 for 2 hours

    After 2 hours I took it off the Traeger and put it in a pan with an onion, my peppers from the day before and a few glugs of white wine.

    I threw the pan in the oven for another 3 hours at 325, cooled it and took the pan juice and peppers out. Then I pulled the pork and added my mojo sauce.

    I used the pan juices to make quinoa in and made a quick black bean puree. When added up in taco form it looked like this.

    It all came together very well. I have lots of pork left over that is making some great Cuban sandwiches for my lunch this week. Thanks for taking a look.

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    Stuffed Wings

    Started with this...
    Added croutons and chicken stock to make a stuffing
    Here is where we get crazy...

    Smoked at 225 for an hour

    Cooled down..did a flour .. egg and panko mix and fried for 3 mins
    Best Wings I have ever had!!! Mrs agreed with me too!! 8)
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    Steak dinner

    First things first, had to clear a path and brush off the remaining snow from the Yoder, then fired it up with hickory pellets:

    Started off by smoking up a few packages of bacon for breakfasts this week.

    Yum... that should keep the troops happy this week

    now time for a quick change... out with the deflector plate and in with the grill grates (literally had to be quick here, that deflector plate was HOT and started melting my gloves!)

    Found some nice looking strips in the deep freezer:

    wanted to try something new, so we dusted them with Money:

    onto the grill

    next up, some "Happy Ending toast" ... buttered and sprinkled with a little garlic and Happy Ending, then tossed onto the grill after the steaks were done

    Feast fit for a king: Money strip steak, brown/wild rice w/veggies, buttered sweet corn, and Happy Ending toast (and a couple slices of smoked bacon as a preview to breakfast):

    mmmmm... juicy!

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    Bacon wrapped cheese stuffed chicken thighs

    Soupy, this is my entry from this week along with last weeks steak and onion jam. Only one entry can be considered for this weeks contest so please just ignore the one that is least appealing to you!

    I got this idea off of the TV show USA of Bacon. The host goes around the country trying various restaurants offerings where bacon is the main ingredient or is at least wrapped in bacon! This episode was the Spring Street Smokehouse in Los Angeles, CA.

    They take a ladle (I used a small bowl) and line it with bacon. They didn't use rub but I did. I sprinkled it with jalapeno seasoned salt and Desert Gold

    Line the inside of the bacon with 2 butterflied out boneless skinless chicken thighs then another sprinkle of the two BPS rubs.

    Put in a few chunks of cheese. I used pepper jack, cheddar and asiago.

    Then put in some sauted onions, garlic and anaheim chiles

    Wrap up the ends of the bacon to close it up and hit with more of the two BPS rubs. Flip it over onto a frogmat then sprinkled some jalapeno bacon rub over the top.

    Put in the MAK at 275 until 165IT. Raised the temp to 400 near the end to brown the bacon a bit more.

    Plate up with some onion rings and coleslaw

    So good with the bacon crust, oozing cheese and caramelized onion, garlic, and chiles.

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    You guys did not make this one easy for me to judge. There were some great entries this week and it took a while to pick a winner. In the end I went with the entries that folks got creative on and wound up with a plate that I really want a bite off of. So this week the placing goes like this:

    in 3rd with some tasty flank steak is Fishingbouchman.

    In 2nd with the coolest looking wings I have laid eyes on to date is Scallywag.

    And this weeks winner with A mountain of tasty looking eats is Chili head.

    Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who entered. Thanks as always to BP for letting us play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soupyjones View Post
    You guys did not make this one easy for me to judge.
    They never do, they never do!

    Congrats to you guys. I have lots of new stuff to try now.
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    Thank you soupy!
    Congrats to Scallywag! Buddy those stuffed wings were a labor of love and looked really good!
    Congrats to fishingbouchman! Your flank steak looked nicely cooked and those nachos.! Nice job!

    Everyone's food looked great and I saw some things I'm going to try!

    Thanks BP!
    Thanks for judging Soupy! It's never easy!
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    Congrats to Chili, scally and FB!

    Great entries all!

    Thanks BP for another fun contest and as always we appreciate the stage and trophies!
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    Congrats to the winners! and thanks for the playground BP!


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