Contest!  Daylight Savings time! SPring is around the corner
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Contest!  Daylight Savings time! SPring is around the corner
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Thread: Contest! Daylight Savings time! SPring is around the corner

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    Contest! Daylight Savings time! SPring is around the corner

    Ok before you turn your clock forward light the smoker...the days are gonna get longer giving you more quality time with your best friend....your smoker

    First place $25 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers
    Second Place $15 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers
    Third Place $10 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers

    $5 to everyone else who enters.

    Yeah Baby!

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    Lamb Burgers with Homemade Onion Rings

    Felt like a burger but needed to shake things up. No beef, no chicken and defiantly NOT veggie burgers so lamb it is. I have grown an aversion to store bought ground meats so got some lamb to grind

    Cut into strips for grinding.

    Back into the fridge to cool. Grinder head into the freezer.

    Ready to go. Some crushed ice to keep things cold.

    All done.

    Add some roasted garlic, S&P and chopped parsley.

    Some ciabatta rolls so need square burgers

    Get the rings ready. Cut the onions and into some buttermilk with Franks hot sauce for 2 hours

    Get the dredge ready. Tried something different this time. ¾ ap flour, ¼ pan , S&P and some Happy Endings rub.

    Bread and into the fridge for 2 hours.

    Setup the Mak to grill. Bring up to temp.

    Start the Rings frying

    Get the fixins ready. Made up some tzatziki sauce earlier. Cut up some red onion very thin. Some sliced tomato, romaine lettuce and some fontina cheese.

    Grill the burgers and toast the buns

    Plate it up

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    Happy Birthday Surf and Turf

    Start with 3 Tri-tips and six lobster tails

    I used BP's double secret steak rub on 2 and Head country on the other
    on the MAK in SMOKE mode with BD Mesquite pellets

    After about an hour, the IT is around 100F - move to cold smoke area to rest while MAK heats up.

    Set MAK to High, add grill grates.
    Add the tails

    All done!

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    South of the Border Surf and Turf

    So what the heck is that? Well, it's a smoked/grilled ribeye with grilled prawns drizzled with red chile oil and a stuffed poblano pepper (stuffed with rice, beans, cheese and a bunch of other stuff) covered with melted Monterey Jack cheese also drizzled with the red chile oil! Oh boy! Here we go!

    Start with the players for the Red Chile Oil. Chile de arbol, thyme, garlic and EVOO. Blend in a food processor until smooth.

    Here are some of the ingreds for the stuffed poblanos. EVOO, onion, garlic, jalapenos, red bell pepper, cilantro, cumin, pinquito beans, brown rice, Tamazula hot sauce, Monterey Jack cheese.

    Cut off the tops of the poblanos.

    Prepare the stuffing. Mix in some grated jack cheese then stuff the peppers

    Add some more grated jack cheese on top so it'll melt and ooze down the sides!

    Marinate the shrimp in EVOO, crushed garlic, BPS Jalapeno Seasoned Salt

    Get the stuffed poblano chiles onto the MAK at 300 for approx 50-60 mins

    Get the ribeyes going on the BPS drum with a chunk of red oak and a handful of cherry pellets. The ribeyes were seasoned with roasted garlic EVOO, jalapeno seasoned salt and DSSR.

    stuffed poblanos are done and lookin good.

    The ribeyes are also done, time to quick grill the prawns on the drum

    Drizzle with the red chile oil and fresh thyme. Lookin good!

    Plate it up! Drizzle some of the red chile oil over the stuffed pepper. OK, can't even begin to describe how good this was! The red chile oil was not real hot. Just provided a nice garlicky, red peppery, herby accent with a little back end heat. The stuffed chile was fantastic. Mrs scooter thought it could be the star of its own meatless show. Thanks for looking!

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    Since we only got three cooks does that mean i can post by cook from this weekend late?
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    No executive decision.... I'm going to reward the people who support the contest. You can cook one entry per week on a carryover week

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    Looks like we're carrying over to next weekend.
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    This contest has been carried over.

    Please DO NOT post any more new entries in this thread.
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