Contest!!! Lets dazzle them!
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Contest!!! Lets dazzle them!
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Thread: Contest!!! Lets dazzle them!

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    Pot Stickers
    Buffalo Burger

    The daughter has gone vegan on us, so I had to make some vegan Pot Stickers. That doesn't mean I can't make 2 batches, one for her and even more for me! Crimini mushrooms, cabbage, shallots, carrot cabbage and green onion. Plus a cast of spices and such. No fish sauce was used on the vegan batch.

    Assembling the vegan batch.

    Wife just got home from church, so time to cook up a few for the two of us for a lunchtime snack. Into the steamer for 10 minutes then onto the Yoder.

    Plated for lunch appetizers. Yield was 44 Pot Stickers for the whole batch, the ones I didn't cook were frozen on a cookie sheet and then packed up into a ziplock.

    Now for the real deal Pot Stickers, Add pork and shrimp and more spices to cover the meat addition.

    Dang, forgot to take a pic on the Yoder, but here's a plate of the meaty batch, with a sauce made with hot chili oil, sesame oil, rice vinegar and soy.

    In total, I made more than 150 Pot Stickers, so it chewed up a large portion of the day.

    Now it's time for one of my favorite things. Buffalo burger. I like these really simple. Some Double Secret and onto the smoker.

    A nice end of a french loaf from the local bakery.

    Some Swiss on the flip

    Now onto the bun with baconnaise, lettuce, pickle, onion and some pepper. Dinner is served.

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    Just some chicken thighs for a quick snack tonight...

    Started with four thighs trimmed

    Rubbed them with some birds and bones "the slabs" and some simply marvelous sweet seduction

    Letting the sauce set on the MAK

    Finished the off with some BPS happy ending

    They were very tasty

    Thanks for looking :-)

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    Wife wanted stead?? What??? She never says that. Lets see what I can do.

    I want some bread with this dinner. started it last night and put in the oven an hour before dinner. Kids were getting hungry.

    Me first.

    after mine got a little smoke, time to put hers on.

    Then a little something something for the cauliflower already in the oven

    This is hard work. I need a little reward. smoked.

    and there you go

    Oh it was all so good. stuffed.

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    Pork Chops

    I am on call this weekend - short on time.

    Struggling to get this in on time. Battling with my computer...

    Anyway, On call work is tough. Can't always eat properly, so I go in with a full tank.

    I think I can only get in 5 pics per post.

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    pork chops


    I had show earlier the marinade, stuffage, rubbage, and kiss of smoke.
    Here we have the crumb-crust and pan-fry (I skipped the pan fry shot to keep splatter off my camera!)
    Then they go back on the grill to cook through.

    couple more shots next.
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    last 2 pics...
    I had more showing the side and what-not, but you get the idea.
    I missed a photo of the chops frying in the pan before I put them on the grill to finish.
    Should've done them longer at the beginning to cook them through, THEN do a 'reverse-fry' for the crusty goodness.

    Finished the sweet potatoes on the mak to caramelize and toast the marshmallows.
    Corn Muffins on the MAK too. Bacon in the beans & greens from my first homemade bacon.
    They didn't have any peaches available at the store so I topped the chop with a pear. It spent some time on the MAK too, but I had really wanted to do a grilled peach... maybe next time

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    MAK Burgers 2

    Burgers were good enough last week that the kids begged me to make them again.

    I lightly blended 3lbs ground beef (20% fat) with 1/4C water and 2 tsp of Worcestershire. Shaped into 1/2lb patties and into the fridge for an hour or so.

    In a foil pan, make a baste of:
    1 stick unsalted butter
    4 cloves garlic (grated)
    2 tsp Worcestershire
    2 tsp kosher salt
    2 tsp ground black pepper
    Juice of 1/2 a lemon
    ~1/4 C finely chopped Italian parsley

    Place the foil pan of baste on the back of the grill to melt and combine when you put the burgers on.

    Make an herb brush by tying a bunch of thyme to the end of a wooden spoon using butcher's twine.

    Place searing grates on one side and a cast iron griddle on the other, and preheat the grill to 450F.

    Remove patties from the fridge. Give a thorough dusting of BPS Money and place onto oiled searing grate.ImageUploadedByTapatalk1365997843.970900.jpg

    Grill for 2-3 mins per side. Dust with additional Money after turning.ImageUploadedByTapatalk1365997866.453556.jpg

    Next, using the herb brush, brush the griddle lightly with the baste. Lightly dust the burgers with BPS Happy Ending seasoning and flip onto the griddle. Baste the burgers heavily using the herb brush and cook for 2-3 minutes per side, dusting with BPS Happy Ending and basting at the turn.ImageUploadedByTapatalk1365997892.594116.jpg

    Top burgers with cheese of your choice. Butter and toast the buns on the searing grates. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1365997909.155047.jpg

    Burgers are done when internal temp is 160 (or to your preference).

    Pull the burgers and top with your favorite fixings. I used:
    - crimini and white mushrooms sautéed in butter and BPS Little Louie's
    - caramelized sweet and yellow onions
    - peppered bacon
    - pickles
    - butter lettuce, tomato, and condiments.


    We finished our meal off with root beer floats. Yum!

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    Filets with Lobster Mac n Cheese

    Had Lobster Mac n Cheese for the first time on vacation last summer. Thought it was an odd combination (waste of good lobster), but loved it, so finally tried to make it myself. Used the Neely's recipe from food network.

    The ingredients for the mac n cheese:

    Cheese sauce made:

    On the MAK:

    Filets seasoned with Double Secret and asparagus with Annies Garlic EVOO and Desert Gold ready to go on:

    Everything on #500:

    Steaks and veggies done (less wifes well done ):

    All plated up:

    Turned out very good. Thanks for looking.
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    My first low slow cook on a pellet grill! a 16lb beef brisket!

    Dry rub was the traeger beef rub with with some pepper paprika and brown sugar.

    misted every couple of hours with a mix of coke, captain morgans dark spiced rum, a tiny bit of maple syrup and a tiny bit of water.

    I thought for sure I had messed it all up but in the end it turned out amazing! I didn't do a very good job taking pictures though so for next weeekends challenge I will get the camera out more!

    I didn't get any plated pictures but the brisket went on some grilled cibatta buns with havarti cheese and a side of potato salad. I put some dill mustard on mine.

    The kids had some hot dogs... didn't bother to take any pics haha. About 14 adults and the brisket was pretty much gone!!! so it passed the everyone ate way to much test haha. A few people didn't even have any of the ice cream cake haha.

    Uploaded with

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    Love me some lobster MAK and cheese! "The Oak" in Charleston (also on Vacation at the time) is killer!


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