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    Dang 2011 is almost in the books....lets give it a killer ending...

    $25.00 store credit at Big Poppa SMokers for First
    $15.00 Store credit to Big Poppa Smokers for second
    $10.00 Store credit to Big Poppa Smokers for third

    $5 dollar bonus for every cook in the snow

    $5 dollar bonus for just entering

    Bring it on,,,,,Lets just slaughter 2011!

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    Im in. Cooking a pork shoulder which seems to refuse to cook. Been on the mak since 1am this morning. Its now 6:20pm and just at 194. Going to pull at 195 if it feels right. Need some sammies for the Auburn game at 7pm
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    im in. cooking a 7 pound pork butt,started@11:30 am on 200deg for 3 1/2 hrs bumped temp to 300, just reached int temp of 162 @ 6 pm foiled. will remove @ int of 198, pictures to follow, happy new year

    Total cook time 7hr 45min. Nice and moist. Heres the pic. Second pork butt grilled on my New Daniel Boone Grill. Use Treager Oak and Hickory Pellets. The rub was Little Louie's Garlic Salt with Pepper. GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Italian pulled pork, MAK Baked Potato and Apricot Foster

    I decided I would make something I've never done or seen before. Shoot'n from the hip LOL

    I picked up a pork butt on my way home from work and decided to make Italian pulled pork with some Louies Italian beef seasoning I picked up earlier in the day.
    I used some garlic EVOO on the butt then mixed one packet of mix with 3/4 cup of water and I had intended on injecting the butt but my needle was too small..the spices kept clogging the holes..I ended up using a knife and made small slits and poured as much mixture in as I could. I then took another packet of the louies mix and dusted the butt with it.

    With a full hopper of hickory and the pellet boss set for two hours of smoke then 255º
    until I stop it it was time to put the butt on. BRRR it's cold at 3:30 am!

    I'm up at 11am and the butts up to 185º..another 10º to go. I tell ya what..My yard smells fantastic!!

    It's done! Going into FTC for a couple hours.

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    Time to pull some pork! Fresh out of FTC..isnt this beautiful? And the smell..I just want to grab a hunk and chow down!

    Nice smoke ring and lots of bark!

    Into the crock pot with some peppers, pepper juice, another packet of Louies Italian seasoning mix and 6 cups of water. I added the water a cup at a time over several hours until the taste was right and the amount of ajus looked right.

    After about 5 hours in the crock pot here's what we got. A perfect batch of italian pulled pork! This is on our "to do again" menu for sure! And it's even going to be better the next day

    Lets back up a couple hours..

    While the Italian Pork is doing it's thing in the crock pot I baked a couple potatoes in the MAK at 450º. Covered in EVOO with garlic and dusted with some fresh ground sea salt they were ready to go in.

    OK everything is done and I'm hungry! Lets plate it up!

    Some ajus on the bottom bun, Italian pork then some mozzerella. I put it under the broiler for a minute to melt the cheese. Some more ajus on the top bun and it's ready!
    Don't forget the peppers!! Gotta have those!
    A potato with butter and sour cream and fresh cracked pepper..oh yeah!

    Dang I wish you guys could taste this..

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    OK it's that time again..Time for dessert!

    Apricot Foster..my version anyway.

    I made a sauce for the dessert using these ingredients.

    Here we go shooting from the hip again..

    A little ground nutmeg, ground cinnamon, dark brown sugar, honey, butter and spiced rum, a touch of water.

    Cook it down in the MAK until the sugar melts and it's all mixed well.

    While the sauce is bubbling away I grilled the apricots.

    In a parfait glass (I used a martini glass) or a bowl add some sauce to the bottom and a couple apricots then the ice cream. drizzle some sauce on top and you're good to go!

    A perfect ending to a perfect meal!!

    The pork turned out exceptional especially since I wasnt sure what I was going to end up with. Honestly it couldnt have been any better. That's what makes this so fun, experimenting and having something turn out this well.

    Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed the pictures.
    I live on vampire time and it's now dinner time..So I'm off to get another sandwich
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    Very nice cook Chili! The pork looks fantastic! That cook will be hard to beat. Since, this is a holiday weekend is the contest extended until Monday? I will be doing my big cook for the week tomorrow afternoon
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    $30 chili

    well, it didn't start off that way but here we go. went to go see jerry the butcher on friday. brought him some coffee so he could start off his new year right. i said, "jerry, i am cooking some steaks for dinner on saturday. dude, set me up fat." i'm glad he understands me when i talk. this is what i got.

    2 of the fattest ribeyes i have ever seen. 3 1/2 lbs of pure goodness from a cow. not cheap by any means. i think he seen me coming. its ok. well, when sparky does steak there is only one rub to use.

    you know it baby. some DSSR (or in lay mans terms, BPS double secret steak rub). my wife only allows this on our steaks now. nothing else. (she's mean, did i tell ya i'm not the boss here. its true.)

    onto the 49er weber cranked up the high w/ my grill grates (i don't why you guys try to clean them. mine are used just the way i like them).

    my daughter came out and turned them. she likes the lines. all my kids know there way around a grill. mantadory in this house.

    120 deg, almost done.

    looking good.

    heres where i get lost. i am making some chili for tomorrow. football, chili & FT. ok, that will work.

    my wife takes my two $30 ribeyes and cut them up and into the chili. heh, wait a minute. i was going to eat mine w/ baked potato and salad. guess not. (see, mean.....)

    and "Waa Laa" my $30 dollar chili, w/ corn bread, slice bosc pears and my moo juice.

    i must say it was very good. ate 1/2 the pot w/ my wife and daugter. its so good i am having it for breakfast right now.


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    Chicken Parmesan - MAK Style

    It's been a long year...Up before the dawn, I decided to renew my spirit.

    Last sunrise of 2011.

    The world wakes up below me...Yeah, life is good! My wife, daughter, and grandson have volunteered to help with dinner. I can't wait!

    Today were fixing Chicken Parmesan, MAK Style on the MAK Griddle I got for my birthday.

    First up though is a Bruschetta appetizer. Half the bread slices were brushed with Gradassi's basil EVOO the other with the chili EVOO. Here I'm toasting the chili ones on the MAK griddle.

    Hot off the griddle, the basil ones are topped with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil flakes. (the store was out of fresh basil, sigh) The chili ones were topped with fresh tomatoes, jalapeño, cilantro, and mozzarella...guess which ones I ate.

    Here's a closeup. These were so good, dinner got pushed back while I made another batch! (The griddle is the best way I've found yet to toast bread on the MAK, the outsides were crispy and the inside soft and warm)

    Chicken breasts were pounded out, liberally coated with garlic EVOO (yeah, also Gradassi's), dredged in bread crumbs, and fried on the griddle.

    Earlier I had cooked extra thick bacon, this was combined with green beans and put on the MAK to get happy...oh yeah, also added a dash or two of Soileau's Bayou Blend, love this stuff, thanks Sparky!

    The chicken was sauced, mozzarella'ed and put on to bake at 325 for about 30 minutes.

    Here's my plate, it was supposed to have a slice of bruschetta, but it was all gone!

    I love my MAK griddle, it's not just for breakfast!

    My youngest daughter wanted to get in on helping and brought home fresh pizza dough from the restaurant she works at. Brushed the dough with melted butter, a layer of brown sugar, chocolate chips, and topped with mini marshmallows. Baked at 400 until the top golden brown. Man was this good! (diet starts tomorrow!)

    A great finish to the year! Happy New Year to all my PelletSmoking friends, thanks Sterling!
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    Hello everyone.
    For new years we have a tradition at my house were we eat a large number of appetizers, such as cocktail dogs. We also had a tradition of whenever my mom would go on a business trip when I was young my dad would cook lots of junk food that he could actually cook such as pizza rolls, hot dogs and such, and he would call it a schmorgesborg.
    Now, it's been years since I've had this delectable, unhealthy, junk food, and I was wanting to make something for the new years, so I got the idea of combining traditions and making a meal using a combination of my style and my dad's.

    I started off by cooking some chopped onion, a little butter, and some pepper in a saucepan. As this came closer to finishing I also crumbled some bacon made earlier that day by my mom in the MAK she got for X-mas.

    I then took out some filet mignon, seasoned with salt and pepper, and chopped into roughly 2 inch cubes. To make sure the steak would cook well, I seared them over a grill grate in the smoker.
    I floured a cutting board and started rolling out a sheet of puff pastry. I then rolled some cocktail dogs in the pastry, filling encasing them, and set them aside.

    I poured some of the onion filler from before and put it down on some more puff pastry, and proceeded to wrap the cubed steak up with an even coating of pastry. I ended with a brush of egg on each one.

    I then took out some bacon strips that I had set aside and put them in the microwave for a short amount of time, just so they would start to firm up. I then took out some pizza rolls, and wrapped each one up in a layer of bacon.

    Once the MAK got hot enough, I popped all of this stuff in.

    Well the food was cooking my mom decided to wip up a few sauces for the dogs. A sauce made of Dijon mustard, sour cream, and a little mayo. A sauce made with ketchup and sriracha sauce, and a bbq sauce.

    The mini-wellingtons cooked perfectly. The pastry crisped up, but was not too thick, and the onion and bacon flavor from the filling were present. They also tasted quite good with the mustard sauce.

    The mini-pigs in a blanket could probably have used less pastry, but did not overcook like I feared they would.

    The bacon wrapped pizza rolls were a bit heavy handed in the flavor department, probably could have benefited from some vegi, but the bacon was crisp, and the rolls did not explode like they normally do in the oven.

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