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Thread: Lets Kill it for a LABOR DAY CONTEST!!!!! EVERYBODY WINS

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    Quote Originally Posted by scooter View Post
    BP, the last weekend contest I can find was weekend of July 26th-28th. Scott6049 was the winner.
    That's correct. Scott6049 is the judge for this contest.

    As scooter mentioned, since it's a holiday weekend, it starts Friday and ends midnight Monday PST.

    If you've never entered, give it a go. It's a lot of fun.

    Contest rules are posted here: Weekly Contest Rules

    As a reminder, the main rule is: You must show how pellets were used in the cook.

    Happy cooking all!
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    Sis is getting the yen to smoke up something yummy. Since I had that little birthday party for my friend and made all the smoked food, all those same people are starting to ask me at the end of each week, "Are you smoking anything this weekend?" haha, not very subtle.

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    Lets Kill it for a LABOR DAY CONTEST!!!!! EVERYBODY WINS

    Get up everyone it's cooking day!!!! Hahahah

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    I am working all weekend also.. hope i can squeeze in a cook or two!
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    I am ready to judge, good luck to all the cooks and have a great Labor Day weekend
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    Talking Labor Day Winning Prime Rib!

    I Never cooked a prime rib before, read a few different tips on here before I winged it.
    The Red Sox won today, naming my cook after their victory.

    Labor Day Winning Prime Rib:
    • 5lb bone-off, slightly trimmed, and tied it up
    • Morton's Kosher salt + fresh ground black pepper first
    • Big Poppa's double-secret rub
    • Wrap tight and let sit overnight
    • BBQ Delight hickory + apple pellets mixed
    • 240° at first, bumped to 250° since it rained for an hour
    • Cooked to 135-140 IT, foiled and left to rest
    • Thermapenned after rest, still 135IT

    OH MY GOOD GOLLY MOLLY, ... best I've had. Everyone loved it.
    Fantastic beef flavor, pronounced smoke ring, well cooked outside, juicy as can be!

    Wish I did this sooner!



    The start:

    The full cook:

    The results (the money shot!) :

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    Lets Kill it for a LABOR DAY CONTEST!!!!! EVERYBODY WINS

    Rib eyes with sautéed mushrooms

    It's been a full day of cooking and I loved every minute of it!
    I started early about 6:30 am. I had to get up and let the dogs out so I figured might as well get started.
    Cup of coffee in hand I fired up the MAK.

    I set the ingredients out for the peach cobbler but I changed it up at the last minute plus i sorta goofed big time. I caught it before I couldn't fix it though..that's what happens before I'm awake.

    I made the cobbler out of ..
    2 cups flour
    1 1/2 cup sugar
    1/2 cup brown sugar
    1 1/2 ts cinnamon
    2 sticks butter

    I baked this using oak at 350 degrees for almost an hour.

    Next up was to get some peppers ready for ABT's to snack on while the NASCAR boys turned left , left, left, left, left tonight.
    These were cooked at 275 burning oak.

    I filled these with sharp cheddar and queso chihuahua cheese. I also trimmed the tops of the habaneros and added that to the jalapeños. A little extra love in every bite!

    The ABTs are done!

    Time to get the mushrooms ready. These went into a crock pot for 2 hours then I sautéed them to reduce them down.
    Here's what went into them..
    1 stick of butter
    3TB Worcestershire
    3TB soy sauce
    1ts garlic salt
    1ts crushed rosemary
    24 OZ sliced mushrooms

    I cooked some corn on the cob too at 275. These were wrapped in foil with butter , salt and pepper.

    Now finally it's time for rib eyes!
    These were rubbed with double secret and cooked burning oak with the MAK running about 450 degrees.
    The wife likes hers medium well so hers went on first.

    A few minutes on each side and a flip and twirl.

    Here we go plated up!
    Rib eye, corn on the cob, baked potato with butter, sour cream, bacon and chives.
    A meal fit for a guy who cooked ALL day LOL!

    With sautéed mushrooms..these are really good and my favorite way to sautéed them.

    Done just the way I like it! Medium rare/medium.

    Now it's peach cobbler time!!! I shouldn't but I gotta...lol
    I heated some up then added a little vanilla bean ice cream.

    So rich and soooo good! Perfect ending to the meal.


    A few hours later I enjoyed some ABTs while watching the race..Dang Kyle Busch...
    I mixed some habanero sauce with some sour cream for dipping.

    Yeah I'm done stick a fork in me!!!
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    Brisket rubbed down with some MONEY!

    Onto the smoker at 250

    9 1/2 hours later

    Plated Up
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    Brisket and Burnt Ends

    Started with a 14 pound untrimmed brisket, injected with homemade smoked au jus from the prime rib cook a week ago and refrigerated the brisket overnight, then trimmed and also seasoned with Tatonka Dust.


    Had the WSM holding steady between 235º and 250º the entire cook. Put a tube smoker full of cherry pellets in the WSM but with the lack of oxygen it just would not smolder so I used cherry Mojo Bricks and added a handful of pellets to the coals about every 1/2 hour so this cook could be eligible for BP's contest!



    Here is the brisket about 7 hours in just prior to separating the point and foiling the flat to go back in the WSM.


    Burnt ends from the brisket point were made with Tatonka Dust, brown sugar, Blue Moon - Belgium pale ale and a little Plowboys Sweet 180 was added right before serving.


    A hash-brown casserole and sweet corn brushed with garlic olive oil and seasoned with Big Poppa's Jallelujah Bacon Jalapeño rub on the grill with a foiled pan on burnt ends on the lower rack with the brisket was resting in a cooler, this brisket cooked a little over 11 hours.

    Brisket being sliced...

    and now plated...


    and a close up for your viewing pleasure.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Seafood on the Mak!

    The menu is..

    Oysters Lagniappe

    Grilled Shrimp

    Grilled Salmon

    Roasted Potato’s

    Sautéed Broccoli

    Let’s start with the stuffing for the Oysters. The players.

    Cook the veg

    Add the cream cook to a simmer, add the cheese. Take off the heat, add the bread crumbs, parsley, green onions. Let cool.

    Got some 16/20 shrimps ready to go. Add some Old Bay and Happy Endings.

    Potato’s ready to roast

    Salmon ready

    Let’s get the oysters going, add some lunp crab, the stuffing and ready for the Mak

    Mak loaded up

    Let’s eat!

    Keep Smoking My Friends

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