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Memorial Day Photo Contest
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Thread: Memorial Day Photo Contest

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    Memorial Day Photo Contest

    Big Poppa has agreed to judge our upcoming contest for this Memorial Day! We're going to have gift certificate prizes of $15 for Third Place, $20 for Second Place, and $25 for First Place! Since this is a special holiday contest we will also be awarding a $5 gift certificate to everyone who enters!

    Most of the standard rules apply (which can be viewed here: Weekly Contest Rules )

    However we will make a few changes to the rules. First off, the entry period is only from 12:00AM PST through 11:59AM PST on 5/26. Since its not set that we'll have a contest next week the "Winner judges next" rule will not be in effect. Other than those changes the rest of the rules will apply.

    Have a safe and fun Memorial Day, and don't forget to thank a veteran or current service member!

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    We enjoyed a delicious homemade pizza cooked on our Mak 1 Star.
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    Chicken on the Memphis

    I did a Spatchcock Chicken for this weeks contest. This was my first time doing one and I though it cam out pretty well. This is my first time posting pics on the site as well so hopefully that goes as smooth as my cook did.

    I think the family liked it to because they dug in so quickly I wasn't able to get a good picture of when it was cut up.


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    Memorial Day Photo Contest

    We had BLT's With ABT's!
    The BLT had a spicy mayo sauce made with light mayo and hot sauce. Avacado, lettice and tomato. The ABT's were made with grilled chicken,cheese then wrapped in bacon and dusted with bps jallelujah. Make sure your grease drain isn't clogged before you cook 3 pounds of thick cut bacon! Lesson learned..
    Cooked on the MAK 2 star burning oak, cherry and apple.

    I hope all had a great holiday today and gave thanks to all our fallen heroes and to those who have and currently serve.
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    Ribeyes, blue cheese potatoes, and bacon wrapped scallops

    Seasoned the Ribeyes with Tatonka Dust and then onto the pellet grill for 90 mins. with a mix of pecan and apple pellets in the tube smoker.

    While the steaks were smoking I started prepping the potatoes and the scallops. The potatoes were a cheat from the store - added some diced up sweet peppers, red onions, butter, and seasoned with BPS Desert Gold.

    The scallops I rinsed, patted dry with a paper towel, drizzled some olive oil over the top, seasoned them with Tatonka Dust, and wrapped in some home-made bacon that I pre-cooked a few mins. and secured with a toothpick.

    First the potatoes went onto the BGE and grilled indirect with the plate setter until soft. They were then transferred to a preheated oven on warm and topped with blue cheese crumbles.

    Turned the BGE up a little more and started the scallops. These were grilled direct flame on the grillgrates.

    Turned the BGE up a little more again to sear the steaks.

    All done and plated.

    Close up shot of the potatoes and scallops. This was the first time cooking these two items. Love the addition of the blue cheese crumbles on the potatoes, it melted perfectly! And the scallops turned out great too - I was very nervous grilling these but they were easy and very tasty!

    Close up shot of the steak - a little more done than I like but it was a very good medium steak with great flavor!

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    Posted this yesterday but I guess it got lost in the great outage of 2014.

    Made some ribs for the first time on the MAK. Butchered them up - my father was a butcher by trade - he would not have been impressed

    Some Sweet Money!

    Added a little Smoke N Cherry smoke.

    Onto the smoker at 275.

    Before foiling.

    Finished with Head Country and Popitude finishing rub.


    A little cast iron cornbread.

    Some tortellini salad.


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    Late entry but the site was down. Just got on. Understand if it doesn't count.

    Wife thought this looked good on paper.

    Flank steak

    Saute up some vegetables and then roll

    Then on mak and at end added balsamic glaze.

    Then have something I picked up in germany.

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    Hi Everyone,

    Just a quick update. As you all know the site was down yesterday, our deepest apologies. So, we've extended the entry period until 11:59 tonight Pacific Time. BP will be judging tomorrow, so if you haven't entered anything in the contest now's your time!

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    Memorial Day ribs

    Memorial Day ribs

    Six racks of baby backs from Sams club
    On the MAK 2 star with BD Pecan pellets

    After three hours @225F, time for some foil love with white wine and garlic


    Pour off the liquid from the foil, de-fat and render down to a sauce:

    Homemade mac and cheese

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    A Memorial Day Pork Shoulder at the camper.

    Sriracha as the glue and Money as the rub

    at 165 right before foiling.
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