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Memorial Day Photo Contest
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Thread: Memorial Day Photo Contest

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    It was just my wife and I for the holiday so just some snacks cooked on the MAK...

    I saw Harry from slap yo daddy bbq post these on his FB page and I couldn't wait to try my hand at them... Pineapple donuts... And I did some lollipop chicken to go with them. Sorry a few of the pics are a little lacking in the focus department.

    The donuts are fairly straight forward to make but a little time consuming but well worth it!

    Now the chicken

    And everything on the MAK... And finished product

    Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday

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    Sorry I missed out on the contest. Too many other things going on. Thanks to Big Poppa for sponsoring! I hope to get in on the next one.

    Looks like a lot of new contestants and some really nice looking cooks!

    I gotta know about those donuts... how did they taste?

    Well, thanks for sharing, and good luck. Glad I don't have to judge any. The ribs are making me hungry though.


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    OK here we go thanks for your patience....very I saide on the drumsmoking thread some of you may have finished higher if you had more pics of the finished food or plated food but here we go

    First place

    Chili Head....Just liked the BLT and the ABT's with Chicken and deviled eggs
    Close second Tatonka it was so close. your steak taters and bacon wrapped scallops were beautiful
    THird was too close so Im awarding two thirds....Sodaksmokergolfer Nice lollipops and Harrys donuts!....Fishingbouchman Great and unique flank steak rools you get a third prize too

    thank all of you for entering!

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    Thanks BP. Great looking meals out there.

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    WOW thanks BP!
    There was some great looking grub entered. Way to go everyone!
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    Thanks BP! To echo what everyone else has said all of the food looked wonderful! I am going to have to try those beef rolls! And saxguy I am putting the tortellini salad on the must try list too... Happy smoking and grilling everyone, the season is officially open!

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    Thanks BP for the contest! And congrats everyone. I get inspired by all the cooks on this forum!!

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    Quick update: Gift Certificates are on their way, and will be PM'ed to all contestants later today. Thanks to everyone who competed for making this our best Memorial Day Contest yet!

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    Congrats to Chili!! And to Tonya and to SDSG and FB! Some very nice looking cooks in there!

    Thanks BP for providing the stage and trophies!
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