Yippeee!  Lets celebrate the Fourth!  Im stepping it up!
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Yippeee!  Lets celebrate the Fourth!  Im stepping it up!
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Thread: Yippeee! Lets celebrate the Fourth! Im stepping it up!

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    Yippeee! Lets celebrate the Fourth! Im stepping it up!

    OK I need 15 entries to double the pot this week....comeon lurkers and sometimes posters.....Squirt the Cat is the judge and he favors rookies! (I have no idea...just trying to lure some of you in)

    If there are 15 entries:

    Every entry is guaranteed $10 store credit to Big Poppa Smokers (less than 15 entries, $5)
    First place $50 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers (if less than 15 $25.oo)
    Second Place $35 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers (if less than 15 $15)
    Third Place $20 Store credit to Big Poppa Smokers (if less than 15, $10)

    Lets see some chow baby!

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    Oh boy.... I'll be judging via my phone and Tapatalk from somewhere in Manhattan, so this will be interesting!

    BP, Tuesday night Ok?
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    Oh man this is gonna be great!
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    Big weekend on the north side of the border as well.
    I warmed up the grill with ribs like Sparky so let the games begin, should be some great cooks.

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    since it is a holiday weekend ok on the tuesday....

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    Mushroom Stuffed Tenderloin

    My wife really wanted to try this recipe so we gave it a whirl-

    Fry up a few slice of bacon until crisp, remove the bacon and sautee onion, garlic, and portabellos until tender in the bacon drippings

    Add bacon, parsley, bread crumbs and some parmesan and mix for the filling

    Took a small tenderloin roast and trimmed off the silver skin

    Sliced open, stuffed

    Tied up with Butcher twine and some toothpicks then hit it with Annies garlic oil, Wee Willy's steak rub, and Little Louies with Pepper

    Seared on the MAK Sear Grate @400 for 2 minutes a side and then rotated with an additional 2 minutes a side

    Ramp the MAK down and cook @275 until we hit an IT of 130

    While meats resting do some San Luis Sourdough garlic bread on the sear grate

    Sliced and served with a little Ceasar salad and the bread

    This came out good, the meat was awesome and the stuffing wasn't too bad either, I am not a huge fan of stuffed beef and this didn't change my mind, wife liked it though so you know the old saying, "happy wife, happy life!"
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    CarterQ That stuffed beef looks darn good to me... That's another I'm adding to my list.

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    Filipino Chicken Barbecue (Inihaw na Manok) with Cherry Pellets

    I combined all the ingredients, including sugar which is missing from the photo and reserved half for mopping on the grill. The chicken was bagged and sealed in the sauce and put in the fridge to get some flavor.

    After 4.5 hours I pulled the chicken out of the fridge and plated it to bring it to room temperature.

    Then I heated the reserved sauce to reduce it and thicken it.

    Onto the Weber with cherry pellets.

    Happy smoke.

    Mopped it with the sauce reduction every 15 minutes.

    Off the fire at 164 and tented.

    Plated with a light salad.

    This was a wonderful recipe! The chicken was moist, tender and the sauce added more flavor than I anticipated. The aroma swirling around the Weber and neighborhood was fabulous. Thanks for looking.
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    wow, sue. what a nice plate of food. i love the color of the chicken and the fresh salad. 2 thumbs up!
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    Reverse sear Santa Maria Tri-tip

    In the spirit of upping the pot for everyone, I'll show my Tri-tip.

    I made tri-tip on my 2nd or 3rd cood on the Mak and wasn't thrilled. I was still learning. i read more recipes; got more comfortable with how the Mak cooks and tried again tonight. It was just two of us, so I picked up a smallish (2 lb) trip-tip.

    Started with a pretty simple Santa Maria rub: salt, 3 types of pepper (red, black, white), onion powder and garlic powder.

    Made a mop/spritz sauce of red wine vinegar, olive oil, and a big ol' clove of garlic whirled in the food processor.

    In the meantime, Carla skewered some baby potatoes and treated with olive oil, salt, and pepper. They'd go on the Mak too. (Might be the first time for vegetables on the Mak)

    30 minutes before cooking time; take out the tri-tip and coat liberally with the rub.

    Set the Mak to 225 using BBQ Delight oak pellets. Program it to run at 225 until the IT reaches 120; then go to High until the IT hits 140.

    Every few minutes I went out to flip and mop the tri-tip.

    When the first program step completes, the tri-tip goes to the warmer (might be the first time I've used it) until the grill gets north of 425

    Back on the grill on the hot side this time. About 5 minutes on the torch.
    Looks good after 10 minutes under a foil tent.

    And the potatoes. We should have cut them in half.

    I paid better attention to the grain this time and sliced it crosswise.

    Beautiful 76 degrees outside in Portland this evening. We got to eat outside

    Sooo much better than last time. My advice to the new pellet cooker users. Practice, practice, practice. And keep track of what you've done. As an example, here is my cooking log from tonight.

    I was thinking of trying my first brisket ever; but really, it would have been just too much food. But it is on my summer list and I'll inflict my pictures of it on you sooner or later.

    Oh, and I lost my little Panasonic Lumix camera a couple of weeks back. I bought a Canon Powershot S95 which I used for tonight's pictures.
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