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New Private Message Spam
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Thread: New Private Message Spam

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    New Private Message Spam

    Moderators: I am getting new spam from ptom4585 - same stuff as previously blocked spammers.

    TentHunter (Cliff): I could not PM you about this as your mailbox appears to be full.

    MAK 2 Star #3634
    Hestan Aspire 36" gasser
    Blackstone 22" griddle

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    Ditto! Reported it.
    Proud to own the 2012 MAK 2 Star General #829 and former owner of MAK 2 Star #27

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    Now they're from ptom 4584. Says he joined back in January. I would suggest you look at your member roll and delete and ban every member who's screen name begins with ptom.
    Proud to own the 2012 MAK 2 Star General #829 and former owner of MAK 2 Star #27

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    Blocked the new guy. Thanks for the heads up!
    MAK 2-Star General
    Weber Classic Kettle 22-inch
    Homemade Lump Charcoal Burner

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    All "ptom's" have been banned!
    MAK 1 Star General #651 - 2014 Model
    former owner - MAK 1 Star General #171
    22.5" Weber Performer with Stoven Pellet Grill attachment
    27 + year old 22.5" Weber Kettle (still works fine)
    Modified Horizontal Offset Smoker - used mainly for cold smoking.

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