Cider Mill Maple Burbon Bacon
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Cider Mill Maple Burbon Bacon
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Thread: Cider Mill Maple Burbon Bacon

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    Cider Mill Maple Burbon Bacon

    OK this is my first attempt at making bacon and is modified from tenthunter's recipe, thanks Cliff. I just put it in to cure so it'll be a couple of weeks before I can taste it. Sometimes a time machine would be nice.

    Anyhow this is the brine I'm using.

    1 gal of Distilled Water
    1/2 gal of Apple Cider
    1 1/3 cups of Morton Canning salt
    6 level tsp of Prague Powder #1
    1 1/2 cups of organic pure maple syrup
    2/3 cup packed dark brown sugar
    1 cup of Kentucky Bourbon

    It smelled fabulous, especially if you like Bourbon. I'll get some pictures going as the process moves along. I will be smoking with Apple wood. I just added a well known cold smoke generator to my pellet smoker so I am stoked to see how this all comes together. More later.

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    I can't wait to see this one finished. The addition of the maple (which I love) and the Burgin sure has my curiosity piqued.
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