Ham  Brining 101 (and Bacon)
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Ham  Brining 101 (and Bacon)
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Thread: Ham Brining 101 (and Bacon)

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    My first attempt turned out salty than I like . Due to a family emergency my ham was in brine for 11 days instead of 7. Would this effect the saltyness or should I just cut back on it. I used 1 1/2 salt 3/4 brown sugar,gal water 2 tbs cure 2 lb venison tip roast. Thank you in advance

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    Yes, leaving the roast in the brine longer may have affected saltiness, especially if your brine was strong. Cut back on the salt to your liking.

    Were the amounts of salt & brown sugar you stated per 1 gallon of water? If so, that's a LOT of salt (double what I use)! Perhaps you got the salt & sugar amounts switched.

    Either way, I prefer lower salt, so I actually use around 2/3 cup pickling salt per gallon water (rather than the 3/4 cup I give in the recipe). I have gone as low as 1/2 cup per gallon and it was still fine.

    The beauty of wet (or brine) curing is that you can easily control the saltiness to your liking by adjusting the strength (salinity) of the brine and it will work for any size roast/ham/bacon, etc. (within reason of course). This is because you are working off of equalization. If the brine is saltier than the meat, then salt/sugar will continue moving into the meat until they have equalized.

    So, once you figure out what salinity level you like, it won't matter if something happens and you have to leave the meat in the brine a few days longer. Once equalization has been reach, the meat won't get any saltier.

    Hope this helps!
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