Ham  Brining 101 (and Bacon)
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Ham  Brining 101 (and Bacon)
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Thread: Ham Brining 101 (and Bacon)

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    Staciehill, I don't have nearly the expertise and experience that Tenthunter has, but I will give you what I use. I have a two-gallon SS pot that I use to hold the brining pork belly or pork loin. I like the metric system, so I use a scale to weigh all of my ingredients. I use a meat injector to put a 20% brine into the meat. One thing you might not have is the curing salt #1. Tenthunter gave me a bit different recipe for dietary restriction, so I had to find some Juniper Berries, but the rest of the ingredients were on hand. I would suggest a slicing machine to assist in the slicing of the bacon/ham after smoking/cooking. I have used Tenthunter's recipe, with a few alterations, and developed a recipe for Nova Lox.
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    Hi there, I’ve been using this guide as my go-to for years with great success. But I’ve recently dug in to the nitrate rates and wondered if you could clear up a few points that have left me confused. I use the pump and immerse method and usually pump at 20% as it’s handy to do the job one weekend and smoke the next, but sometimes I leave my meat a bit longer in the cure if I’m busy. So I got to thinking that there should be equilibrium in the solution by the time it is removed from the cure? In this case it should not matter what the pump rate is, but only how much cure there is over all. I had a look at the USDA guidelines and it sure did apply a pump rate multiplayer but I’m wondering if this is for a pump and wrap in a bag type process where the is no further fluid immersion. I did find a thread in another forum suggesting it was simply meat weight in kg + liquid weight in kg x 2.5g No1 cure, though they did not mention pumping at all. I’m struggling to get to the bottom of this so any guidance appreciated.

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