Pellets In My Bradley
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Pellets In My Bradley
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Thread: Pellets In My Bradley

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    Pellets In My Bradley

    Beings im using pellets in my Bradley smoker for sausage BP should be ok with it...EH

    Hickory pellets for some Jalapeno/Cheese slim jims sausage.

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    Nepas Im fine with bradley chunks...they are just big pellets! welcome back

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    Looking good!

    What material casings did you use? What size?

    I bought a Bradley smoke generator ( with cold smoke chamber adapter) before I discovered this site. I used it on my old, now in garbage, but wish I had saved it for cold smoking, Masterbuilt electric smoker. I modified the smoker so as to use the Bradley smoke generator, instead of wood chips on the underpowered electric coil. Could not achieve adequate temps. Struggled with it (masterbuilt) a few weekends full of frustration. Later I tried fitting it to my gas grill but smoke dissipates too rapidly on a regular gas grill.
    Thinking again about building a cold smoking chamber with it, or using in some fashion to construct a dry cure/smoke chamber but I now have the MAK and an AmazN-Tube smoker for cold smoking. Maybe someday ill find a use for it again.

    Those snacks look mighty tasty!


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    hi I just bought the full digital 4 rack Bradley recently and love it but I would also like to know how you are using pellets in your Bradley and how I might do the same with mine as the Bradley pucks are a little expensive thanks.


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