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    New BP rubs

    I purchased all his new rubs. Chicken with the Comp Stash turned out awesome!!
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    New BP rubs

    Just purchased BP's new rubs. Super excited and can't wait to try all of em =). Trying Competition Stash on chicken today. Maybe try it on ribs soon. Have a great day everyone=)
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    Brine with Chicken Prod?

    Hey guys I'm smoking a bunch of wings tomorrow and wanted to brine them first. Would you guys recommend using BPS Cattle Prod for a brine? I have my goto brine for wings but was curious about using Cattle Prod. Thanks in advance =)
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    Any advice on smoking a Wagyu brisket? This will be my first. All the briskets i've smoked over the years have been Angus. Is there a difference in smoke times, spritz, wrapping temp? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance
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    Mak 1 Star Flipping Breaker!! HELP!!

    Hey guys, the last 2 times ive used my Mak 1 Star it flips the breaker. It starts fine. Its ignites fine. Smoke rolls beautifully....then BOOM .....shuts down. I don't know if its a Mak issue or an electrical issue at my house. I have a HUGE cook tonight and am freaking out lol!!! Any input...
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    Hatfield and McCoy Comp Pics

    On the way…. 2nd place overall and Peoples Choice Award for best Pulled Pork. Public sampling from 11 to 3 and each person voted for their favorite. Talked to the one judge ( local guy who was on Master Chef ) and said our best category was ribs (I thought they were a little...
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    Hatfield and McCoy Comp

    Hey guys just letting you know BBQ Comp has started. Wish me luck :). We are smoking 2 racks of baby backs and as many pork buts as your cooker can hold. What's wired is the butts are boneless and only 2 1/2 lbs a piece. I'm going up against huge refrigerator style pits so I'm feeling a little...
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    Hatfield and McCoy Trial Cook

    Ok guys i wanted a trial run cook to get my timeline down for the actual competition next weekend. Rules of the Comp is i should be able to cook 50 lbs of meat so here's what I'm cooking: 2 Boston buts and 2 racks of baby backs. Its not 50 lbs but it should make for a decent comparison. I had...
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    First Real BBQ Comp

    Hey guys just wanted to say I'm entering in my very first legitimate BBQ competition!! Submitting my application tomorrow. Very nervous/excited. Wish me luck =)
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    First Ever Ribeye (Bone-In) Roast

    Came across a bone-in Ribeye and couldn't pass it up. The butcher explained it was left over from christmas inventory and would give me a great deal =). I took half and my brother in law grabbed the other. Local weather reports called for more snow and even colder temps (22 ambient), but I...
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    Ribeye Roast hmmmmm?

    Would it be wrong to cook a lovely aged ribeye roast like a brisket?
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    FTC Spatchcock chicken?

    I have a co-worker who loves food off a pellet grill. Asks me what I'm cooking all the time 😄. Long story short, he asked me to BBQ chicken this weekend. Since he knew I was bbqing chicken anyway, I said sure. My plan is to spatchcock. Cooked chicken this way many times so I'm comfortable with...
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    The Breakfast Burger

    Decided to go easy this weekend with a lot goin on in my neck of the woods. Graduation is getting close for daughter #1 and she loves breakfast food and I love burgers so why not have both!!! Lets get started: Set Mak 1 Star on high to get Mak Gridde and Grill Grates hot: Gonna give the...
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    BP LL/wP

    See if anyone has same problem as me. LL/wP is one of my fav base-seasonings for BBQ (if not my fav), i wanted to say that up front so that u dont get the wrong idea. However, LL/wP can be very deceptive. It looks so much like a rub that i often forget its salt, and sometimes over-season my...
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    Master's Menu =)

    I know the Masters Golf Tourn. is old news, but its still interesting. We all know the winner gets to decide on the next years menu for the Champions Dinner and Bubba has already eluded he might have BBQ for next year. So, to have a little fun, if you won the Master's what would be your menu?
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