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    Boneless skinless chicken breast

    So these boneless, skinless, tasteless....(er, skip that last one :o) are a staple in my family. How do I do them on a new Mak 2? Tried tonight and while my wife liked them ok I was very disappointed. What I did: 1) brine for 1.5 hours with a 1 gallon water/1 cup kosher salt/ .75 cup brown...
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    confused on options, question on grilling

    So about ready to pull the trigger on smoker and leaning towards mak 2 star general. But a few questions: 1) When you use it as substitute for a quick grill (say after work, turn it up to 400, wait 10-15 minutes, then grill skinless chicken breasts on it) do you get any wood-fire grill or smoke...
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