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    Sunday Ribs

    Wife wants ribs, wife gets ribs. Ribs, using disposable cutting board Rubs used Summer is coming but as Dad used to say so is Christmas Sparky, nuff said Blues Hog for the glaze Done Sorry no plate as these were take out for my wife's parents Thanks for viewing
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    The weather around here has been poor and I am out of pulled pork.

    Picked up 4 butts from my local butcher Injection comes from a fellow from another site. It’s very good I think. 1 cup apple juice ¼ cup water ½ cup salt ½ cup dark brown sugar ¼ cup agave nectar ( I used Canadian maple Syrup) 1 tbs worcestshire sauce Heat over medium heat until salt and sugar...
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    I got a box, kinda

    My folks winter in AZ for the winter so I sent them some stuff. They just got home. The Sauce, The Rub, My Father seen this and picked one up. I am open to any suggestions on mixing and matching rubs and sauces. Thanks for looking. Sorry BP, you will be in my next order.
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    First Ribs on the MAK

    This morning woke up to -18C, (-0.4F), doing ribs anyway. Had some BB's in the freezer that need to get used up. Here they are seasoned up with Jan's on two and Cowboys on two. I always thank Jan for her rub. MAK 1351, lots of snow here Into the foil, butter, brown sugar and 5 Alive. Did...
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    2013 Barbecue & Grilling Readers Choice Awards

    The results are out. We were close, very close. dang MAK was also close but I can understand with the difference in price between a GMG and a MAK 2 Star. Next Year
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    New MAK Owner needs Advice

    Hi All, I am used to foiling to keep my smoker nice. In the instructions it says you can have the flame zone cover on if you are smoking not grilling. I did this and then foiled over all. As you can see my bacon first did not go well. This time I foiled without the flame zone covers What...
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    Bacon First

    Ok, breaking in 1351 with Bacon Added brown sugar and some cayenne pepper Burnt up my first batch, had the temp to high Thanks for viewing
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    I got two boxes

    Please allow me to introduce #1351 All loaded up in Elvis, ready to go home More to follow, lining up friends to help unload
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    Test Only

    Just taking a photo with my Ipad and test
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    Pig Candy

    The new MAK will be arriving soon, after the burn in the next will be learning my smoker for hot spots by covering it with bacon. Next will be Pig Candy, any hits? Never made it before. Many Thanks
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    Need Some Vac Comments

    Hi All, I was looking at one of these, Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer, Silver: Kitchen & Dining But this came in an Amazon email, VacMaster Portable Chamber Vacuum Sealer w/ 12 Inch Seal Bar VP112 - Perfect for Sous Vide: Kitchen & Dining anyone have one and do...
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    Happy New Year

    I just want to wish everyone Happy New Year in 2013 It might seem I am a little early but it's only 5 hrs away and I won't be awake to see it. Take care and be safe. CDN Smoker
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    MAK Pelletboss Thermocouple adaptor

    Good Day, Does anyone know of an adaptor to be able to use the Thermoworks thermocouples in the MAK pellet boss? ThermoWorks Dual Channel Alarm Thermometer Thanks, CDN
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