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    A few ABT's on the drum with pellets

    Getting Prepped, I dearly miss Minnie the MAK, but will replace her soon! prepping ABT's...used Serrano, Jalapeno and Colorado chilies All stuffed and wrapped in bacon! handful of pellets on the drum YUMMMM~they were awesome and I loved the added smoke the pellets added to the amazing...
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    The Christmas of Red Meat!

    Well this was the Christmas of red meat, I smoked 4 tri-tips over the last 5 days. One for Christmas Eve for those volunteering with me at church. One for Christmas Dinner. Next 2 were for Bunco, and my parents. A friend from Santa Maria sent me a bottle of Susie Q's to season my tri-tip...
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    Many Meals this weekend!

    First meal was not pellet smoked, made Strawberry waffles from scratch, scrambled eggs and sausage for my niece & nephew. Fun morning at Aunt Kristen's house. Making dinner for a friend who just had a baby. Chicken smeared w a little mayo & Sweet Money sliced veggies on Fire Wire skewer...
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    Chicken Chili Verde

    Went to a Farmers Market in Palm Springs intending to buy vegetables & fruit...came home with organic cheeses, and 2 jars of salsa. One of my mom's former daycare clients makes amazing organic salsa! Which inspired the dish for Sunday. Had to run to a local market for fresh tortillas and...
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    Mom's Birthday Dinner

    Minnie the MAK and I cooked my mom's bday dinner. We had tri tip & roasted parmesan squash. I love to cook:)! My "Go To" for red meat: Balsamic glaze ( cherry is my fave, but I am out), Money & Double Secret Steak rubbed & resting before the cook while the tri-tip is cooking, slice...
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    Big Poppa Smokers ELITE Teams Results from American Royal Open & Invitational

    We have some amazing teams, and friends. Wanted to brag a little bit about them:) Way to go, we look forward to seeing you at King of the Smokers. American Royal OPEN results for the BPS Elite Teams! 535 teams competing OVERALL: GC - Iowa's Smokey D's BBQ 9th - TIPPYCANOE BBQ CREW 23rd -...
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    Weekend Cooking Adventures

    Well, its better late than never, my photobucket app was not cooperating. Here are my most recent concoctions. Smoked potato skins, sliced up some potatoes...sweet & regular. roll them around in basil EVOO, sprinkle with a little Money and Desert Gold. Smokin' Time Finished shot, forgot...
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    WOOOHOOO! Minnie the MAK has moved!

    I have had my wonderful MAK for a year...and all that time she has lived at my parents. I recently moved to a condo w a more secure patio area. So I moved the grill. Today's meal--BBQ chicken pizza I cooked the chicken ahead with Oakridge Game changer, polk & chicken rub. No photo. here is...
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    Last Minute Family Dinner

    How much do I love my MAK--let me count the ways...makes last minute dinner plans turn out amazing. Pork chops with Oak Ridge & a little Texas Pepper Jelly at the end sliced veggies with EVOO & Desert Gold, Costco au gratin potatoes It was great to get to hang w my cousin & his wife from WA.
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    Dinner for My Uganda Team

    Well I've been back for 3 weeks, and last night was a follow up with my team. I was elected to cook dinner. Menu: Smoked tri-tip sweet potatoes salad w apple & avocado rosemary & olive oil bread ready to rub the tri-tips (there were 4) sweet potatoes in chili/garlic oil & Desert Gold...
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    BPS & BJ's Brewhouse Package

    Don't miss out on this incredible deal...
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    My First Butt(s)

    Well I had not yet smoked a pork butt on my MAK, or anywhere for that matter. It was my group's turn to feed the almost 200 women at Bible study. So yours truly volunteered to smoke the pork. 4 pork butts marinated in Smoke on Wheels, rubbed with Jallelujah with bacon & maple, followed by...
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    4th of July Cooking

    Well I did not have to cook on the actual 4th~spent the day at the lake and hanging with friends. But here is tonight's dinner... Sweet Money Ribs Rosemary Au Gratin Potatoes A few hours later, foil love for the ribs & potatoes on the top rack Veggies--wrapped in bacon and sprinkled...
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    Dinner for 140 women

    Well after 7 weeks of being sick...and only my parents using Minnie the MAK. (I was not allowed to spend time outside in the blowing dirt & wind) It was my small groups turn to fix dinner, the week before had been solely salads and there were a number of cranky women. So we decided to switch...
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    Whole Chickens on Minnie the MAK

    Well I have heard lots of hullabaloo about whole smoked I grabbed a couple. One for me, one for the parental units. Spatchcocked & ready to get a massage rubbed up nice with Jallelujah with bacon & SM Pecan rub Into Minnie you go--set on smoke about an hour later, lets add...
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