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    Smoking Beef in Kansas

    Here in Kansas we have found a new way to smoke our beef While still on the hoof!
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    What are you cooking for this Halloween?
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    My first Spatchcock chicken!

    No seasonings, just a store bought BBQ sauce.
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    Doing Something Crazy!

    Bologna and hot dogs! I learned a couple of things 1- Bologna tastes just like the hot dogs. 2- Got to watch it closer and not cook as long since it is thin.
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    Something simple is always good!

    Sometimes just doing plain old smoked sausages is real tasty!
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    I know I have been gone awhile, but it seems that there has not been a contest in just over a year. Have the weekly contests just run their course? I know I did not participate as often I would have liked, but I did enjoy it. Are there any plans on restarting them?
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    I'm Back on here!

    Been away for awhile, and now I am back! Bought a another smoker (Keep losing them!) So for my first return post I cooked up some Country Style Ribs with baked potato, and candied carrots.
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    Deer Roasts

    I was recently given a couple of deer roasts and I am seeking advice on smoking them. Would I smoke them the same as a pork roast? beef roast? At what internal temperature should it be in order for it to be considered safe? What seasonings would best go with it?
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    Outside the box!

    For my first entry to my first contest here I wanted to go completely outside of the box and wanted to cook something I have not read on here about being cooked..... Mountain Oysters (Bull Fries). Now this is something way outside the box for me since I have only had these breaded and fried...
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    Non pellet cooking question

    Of those of you who have Twitter I am curious as to the best news source
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    Questions for you big competition participants

    For those of you participate in competitions I am curious as to what is done with all the meat that is cooked but not turned in for the judges, especially if the meat is provided? Also just what is the process for someone to be named World Champion, is this a single contest, overall champion in...
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    Christmas gifts

    Each year my wife and I go our local Angel Tree sponsor and get a couple of kids and get them some christmas gifts. This year we decided, by inspiration from this board, to help a couple of families out that we feel could use a hand. We are planning on smoking a couple or so butts and dividing...
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    My 1st attempt at Country Style Ribs

    I wished now I had better planned and took more photos so I could have entered this in this weeks contest. Country Style Ribs, smoked at 175 dgrees for 45 min then finished off at 350 degrees to an IT of 165 degrees. Rested at 20 min. BBQ sauce is Curly's Hickory. (Still working on my own blend).
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    How do all of you re-heat your various meats in order to maintain the moisture content. My concern for today is pulled pork.
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