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    The MAK Family Story

    The MAK Grills Family Story | MAK Grills - YouTub

    MAK Grills Tech Talk, Flame Zone (available as a retrofit kit too)

    When MAK Grills built the first 2-Star in 2009, we pioneered many innovations never seen before in the pellet grill industry (we have the Vesta awards to prove it!). One of the unique features we created was direct-heat grilling with the addition of volcano shaped embossed holes in the grease...

    MAK Grills Tech Talk, 304 Stainless Steel

    We get asked this question a lot "my old grill was stainless and it rusted out, what makes the MAK stainless different?" At MAK Grills, we use 304 stainless steel (sometimes called 18-8 for screws and nuts) for all our stainless-steel construction including all the hardware. 304 stainless steel...

    MAK Grills Tech Talk, Hopper Switch for Auger Safety

    The Hopper Switch is a safety device designed to stop the auger whenever the hopper lid is open exposing the auger spinning pellets into the grill. You will see other brands use a screen to pour pellets through and keep hands out. The problem with this is obvious difficulty removing anything...

    MAK 2 Star TC Testing

    I need a couple folks who obsess over pit temps to test a new roaming TC (temperature probe) kit I have developed. It requires removing the old TC, drilling a couple holes in your grill and attaching a bracket to hold the roaming TC and connecting back to the Pellet Boss. The Kit will come with...

    MAK Grills Tech Talk, Igniter

    Where to Start… up until 2 years ago this was the weak link in an otherwise bulletproof MAK Grill. From the beginning the constant goal was to make the igniter last longer. Depending on frequency of use the average life of these igniters was about a year, which is terrible in my book. Here you...

    Temperature Testing at Grate Level

    BPS said it best when he stated "don't obsess over your pit temp" instead learn how it cooks. For those potential new MAK Grill owners who need more assurance here are some test results, I will try to post more temps tomorrow. I Have not performed these tests since we released this new FZ pan...

    MAK Grills Tech Talk, Thermocouple (Temperature Sensor)

    The thermocouple (TC) is the device that we use to measure the grills overall temperature and report back to the Pellet Boss controller. It has stainless steel braided sheathing to protect the wire from the heat, the probe itself is stainless steel as well. These types of measuring instruments...

    MAK Grills Tech Talk, Fan and Air Flow

    MAK Grills uses a Tubeaxial Fan to produce 100+ CFM of airflow into the firepot and cooking chamber. There are a lot of advantages to this fan vs. most other pellet grills that use a muffin fan. The muffin style has to have half the blades exposed in order to produce air so they either leave it...

    MAK Grills Tech Talk, Auger and Auger Motor

    We use a USA made heavy stack auger motor for more torque that spins at a rate of 2.1RPM. There is no separate (cheap) plastic fan attached to it to keep it cool like brand X, we can do this because we use the large stack motor and position it so the induction fan blows right across it to keep...

    MAK Grills Tech Talk

    I will be posting tech discussions about various features, accessories, components, Pellet Boss functions etc. This will give our MAK family some insight into why the MAK does what it does as well as give the opportunity for friendly discussions and ideas on the topics. if a subject comes up...

    What's new at MAK Grills, HD Igniters!

    New HD igniter's are now in stock and shipping with new grills. I believe we finally designed a long lasting igniter solution! It has taken 3 years and so many prototypes I lost count, this one is finally holding up to MAK Standards :)

    MAK Grills sponsor of the 2013 Oregon Jamboree

    It's that time of the year again, Toby Keith is the headliner this year :) Kerrie and I cooked up a bunch of pork butts and Briskets to hand out samples all weekend. The 1 Star took care of 6 10lb butts while the 2 Star smoked the 15lb briskets, took forever to pull and slice it all but glad we...

    MAK 2 Star Super Smoker Box Grill Cover

    These are finally ready, thank you to all who have been patiently waiting. Perfection takes time :)

    New MAK Grills Cord/Tool Hangers

    Use these handy hangers for your power cord, tools, towels or whatever. They will mount anywhere there is a 1/4" screw on your MAK Grill.
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