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Recent content by mcschlotz

  1. mcschlotz

    Best Pellet Smokers Buying Guide

    You're being too kind, Poppa.
  2. mcschlotz

    Want recipes for delicious sweet

    MSU Nasty Rolls - you've all seen them. The squared off cinnamon rolls with white icing that come 8 to a tray. Actually the nastier they look the better. Cut them horizontally in half, turning them inside out so the bottom and the icing top are now on the inside. Butter both sides and fry on...
  3. mcschlotz

    So what happened?

    This site was AWOL for a couple for days this week, anybody know what happened?
  4. mcschlotz

    After several years, a rookie mistake?

    When the weather & health went the wrong way the MAK sat covered on the deck for the last two months. What I didn't remember was not dumping the remaining pellets from the hopper. Went to fire up the 2 Star yesterday and found the hopper 1/4 full with some having started to deteriorate, so I...
  5. mcschlotz

    New 2 Star testing

    So I've had this unit for a few weeks now and have been getting some strange results vs my older 2 Star (2014). It culminated with a babyback smoke on Saturday where the temp swings were wild causing me to babysit a process that I never had to in the past. With it set to 225º the PB was...
  6. mcschlotz

    Initiating the new MAK 2-Star w/Pork Butt

    Just as I did with the original 2-Star, the new one that arrived late last week gets to start with a pork butt. Look quick, the insides won't look this good again. :p Nice to see the measured grate temp is within 5º of the PelletBoss readout. Pleasant improvement over the original unit which was...
  7. mcschlotz

    Pulled the trigger on MAK 2 Star #2

    My fist 2 Star (2014) was great and I’ve decided to get the newer model for the obvious reasons and one some may not have though of. If you have had creatures fascinated with your exposed grease bucket you’ll appreciate the now internal grease capture system. The old model is now with a friend...
  8. mcschlotz

    Edit Avatar not showing in my profile

    I've tried clicking on my profile and just clicking on my user id at the top but no matter which there doesn't seem to be a way to add an avatar. Surely there's a way????
  9. mcschlotz

    Awe, snap! The dreaded GFI gremlin ...

    ...and right on cue for a SB LII smoke, RATS!!! While I did have a spare igniter there was no way these hands were going to be able to get through the task in 29º weather with snow & 25 mph winds. Also wasn't crazy to go through the dismantling effort in order to light the fire pot manually...
  10. mcschlotz

    MAK WiFi & Pellet Boss logic issue

    I experienced a WiFi failure for the 1st time in 3 years last night but what transpired was not expected. Started a long brisket smoke (17#er) at midnight using the mobileapp to control temp i.e. 250°. Apparently around 2am the connection was lost and when that happened the PB reverted to the...
  11. mcschlotz

    2 Star meat probe used for grate temp check?

    Has anyone used their M3 probe as a grate temp therm? Does it accurately show ambient temps? I know my grate temps are higher than the built-in box therm by approx 25° so I'm looking to use the probe and the wifi to show a running chart of actual grate temps during my smokes. Matt
  12. mcschlotz

    BigPoppa - SRF could use your help

    Well, in my opinion anyways:) I just glanced over there to see what recipes they were proud enough to put on their site for brisket. Hmm... one is done in an oven, another brasied and the third in a make-shift setup using a kettle as a smoker. That's all:confused: Wow, maybe you could consider...
  13. mcschlotz

    Did you ever ruin a smoke just by winging it?

    Well, last time I did ribs, that was the case and I paid for it :(. Didn't read my notes, or follow my recipe, didn't pay attention to the clock, even winged putting together the homemade BBQ sauce... Results: dry, nasty tastings ribs with a sauce that was unimpressive. Bottom line: I got cocky...
  14. mcschlotz

    BBQ Sauce#2 - Rum Sweet Heat

    We have continually tweaked this recipe for years and thought it's time to share. It's the family's goto when ribs are on the menu :o Enjoy, Matt Yield: 2 1/2 cups Ingredients: 1/2 cup Myer's Dark Rum, - do not use spiced rum 1/2 cup ketchup 1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce 1/4 cup soy sauce...
  15. mcschlotz

    Selling the 2 Star to fund an upgrade???

    Thinking about selling my 2 Star. The more I look at the latest model, I want it. Anyone else gone this direction? Matt
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