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    Smoking Beef Roasts?

    I am seeking help from the many experts on this site. Our family raises Natural Beef, and we get our beef in whole or 1/2 beef. As you may expect we get a lot of roasts, and I would like to smoke/grill these for the family. I have done a lot of briskets, steaks, tri-tip on my MAK and we love...
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    Reverse Sear

    In a reverse sear, is the meat (steak), smoked, removed from the grill, placed in the warmer side, and heated to 500*? After the grill reaches 500*, do you then place the steak back on the grill? Haven't done this yet, but would appreciate any help on this. Thanks.
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    New by recommendation of Bruce B.

    Hi all from the Black Forest of Colorado. I am new to this forum by recommendation from MAK grills. I look forward to advancing my skills as a smoker/griller with a MAK II Star and really like it. I started out with a Traeger and gave it to my son - now we both are happy! :D
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