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    Mak 3

    Does anyone here have the Mak 3 general? I can't seem to find any reviews of it. I'm considering this or the memphis elite. thanks
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    Mak 3 star general

    Can't seem to find any reviews of the Mak 3 star general. Would love to get some feedback on it. Also doesn't have accessories like the griddle or cold smoker? I posted here on the main forum...
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    Mak 3 general, Mak 2 or Memphis Elite? What's the absolute best?

    My first post! I've been using a Big Green Egg for the last 6yrs obsessing on brisket, bbq in general. I'm doing a remodel, and finally going all out on the absolute best smoker I can get. I loved the BGE, as I could smoke as well as grill & sear steaks but prepping it and limited cooking...
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