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    Broke in the 1 Star w/Flame Zone over the weekend.

    Put it together on Thursday, did the initial seasoning on Saturday After seasoning reduced temp to 200 and on went the Compart Duroc St Louis Spares, got to love the marbling on these. 2hrs @200 gave them a spritz with 50/50 ACV/water and bumped the temp up to 250 then spritzed on the...
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    Trying to signup for the forum need help

    Trying to signup for the other BPS forum, I like Pellet Grills but sometimes I want to cook hot and fast so I like Drums too. Been trying to register for the Drum forum and I keep getting a registration denied we don't allow spammers message. I have emailed the administers on 2 separate...
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    Long time listener (lurker), first time caller. I'm in the market for a small portable pellet grill, I read on MAK's FB page that the Mini-MAK should be on sale sometime this fall. I was wondering if there is any other info out on the grill yet like cooking space, accessories and what the...
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