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    Bacon Hangers & Super Smoker Box

    Anyone have a good hack to hang bacon hangers in the Super Smoker Box? Ideally something that would keep the forks close to the top to maximize the length of belly that could be hung. @MAK Daddy this would be a great accessory. *cough* hint hint *cough*
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    Leaking Grease

    Ok, what am I doing wrong? Last two cooks I've had grease going through the stand and staining the driveway. Trap is in the rails and nut fully tightened.
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    Super Smoker Box!

    Got a shipment in from Big Poppa yesterday evening. Three heavy boxes full of pellets and my super smoker. Immediately tore into the box and had it installed on the grill in about 2 minutes. Had to get back inside and put the kiddo to bed so that was all for last night. Got up this morning...
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    Inaugural Run on my MAK 2*

    Broke in my new MAK 2* yesterday with 6 racks of St Louis ribs seasoned with BPS Money rub. Time for the crutch No need for sauce here Fin
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    Inaugural Run on my MAK 2*

    Broke in my new MAK 2* yesterday. I think I'm in love. 6 racks of louies with BPS Money rub @ 275 2 hours in: wrapped with brown sugar, butter, honey No need for sauce here Finished product
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    Pellet newbie checking in

    Hi! Recently ordered a MAK 2* from BPS during their Memorial Day sale. Stoked for it to get here. Have used a MES 40" for the last 8 or so years and am excited for the world of temperatures above 275. I used an amzn tray with mailbox mod on the MES, so I'm somewhat familiar with pellets...
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