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    Big Poppa...Need some info

    Is there somewhere we can look to see where your cookin this year? We live in Ore and would like to attend one....
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    I never know what to do here, have some Top Quality Rubs that are starting to "Cake Up" I put them in baggies in the bottle when they get here, but it takes so long to use them that they cake up, would you continue to use them or replace them? Best answer would be Cook more...right.
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    Steak Prep

    Given the price of meat lately (we only buy from Costco) they only carry Choice and Prime grade In my prep of the meat we put our rub....had been Treager, but ordered Double Secret from BP, I put my rub on and then wrap with plastic wrap well and put in the bottom of the fridge for 3 or 4 days...
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    Oh Man...Not another Oregon guy

    Hey... Glad i found this site, I have a Treager Tex. Been using it for years, never been really satisfied with the results i achieved. Done a lot of research on this site and realized my way of cooking was the result of not enough research. So I have changed my pellet....going away from...
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