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    Seasoning mak 2 star

    I am excited for my first cook on the Mak 2 Star pellet grill. I am seasoning at 450 for 1/2 hour and then I have 3 St. Louis cut ribs. I will update as the day goes on. Happy Smoking
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    Converting from WSM to Mak 2 star

    In a couple of weeks I am looking to buy a Mak 2 star. Have any of you gone from a WSM to a Mak 2 star? If so, how has the transition been? Are you happy with the smoke flavor? I would have made up my decision already, but living in Miami FL I have no access to taste any food off of a pellet...
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    New mak 1 star vs 2 star 2016

    Interesting to see if now that the mak 1 star is the same size as the 2 star and has a pellet dump door, would it be better to purchase the 1 star instead for smoking. Has anyone seen the new 1 star in person or used it? Can't afford the 2 star now. Should I save or buy the 1 star now that...
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    Mak 1 Star vs 2 Star

    What's up I have been debating on which one to get for the past 3 months and I am still undecided. I guess living in Miami FL and not having any dealer for Mak is making it difficult for me not being able to see the units in person, so that I can make a better decision. My final outlet is to...
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