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    Char Griller pellets

    I was at Lowes and noticed they had char Griller pellets for about $16 for a 20 pound bag. Has anyone used these and or know what the blend is?
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    Brisket was saved... Sort of

    So I was at my brisket stall when I heard a pop in my backyard and I didn't really think about it and a few minutes later my Mak 2 star started smoking like crazy and the temp started rising over 400 degrees and I turn it off and wrap the brisket and put it in the cooler. I wait until the Mak...
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    I need a new smoker, any suggestions.

    My Traeger is not going to last the year as I like to smoke three times a week. I have a Weber for higher temps so my new grill doesn't need to sear.
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