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    Show us your Mak Mobile WiFi programs

    I just hooked up my mobile wifi and wow this is so cool and awesome. I would like to ask you guys to share some of your programs. This way it gives me ideas on how to do certain smokes/cooks. Show us your examples like how to do brisket, chicken, ribs etc. Thanks in advance, SD.
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    Scooter, show us your shiny grill

    Hi Scooter, I've been hearing how you keep you grill so clean and shiny. Can you please show us some recent pictures and explain how you go about taking care of your Mak. Also, how old is your grill? Thanks, SD.
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    Can't remove this grease to save my life

    I managed to get some grease on the body of the grill. I can't even get it off. I've tried soap and water, fantastic with is safe on SS and goo gone. Nothing phase it! See attached pictures. Please help if you know the trick, this thing has only been cooked on twice.
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    Mak 2 star general and what built in natural gas grill?

    Just like the tittle states. I'm about to pull the trigger on a Mak 2 Star General and I would like to also have a natural gas built in grill. What are some good recommendations and what would you buy to pair it up with the Mak in a outdoor kitchen?
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    Making a Mak 2 into an integrated outdoor kitchen.

    Is it ok to take the stand off the Mak 2 and build it into an outdoor kitchen cabinetry?
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    Integrated outdoor kitchen grill?

    Hello Mak, I'm in the middle of building a 1500 Sq ft deck on my house. Will you guy consider in the near future making an outdoor integrated grill that can be set into a counter top? Maybe I will take the base off of the Mak 2 I'm considering buying and setting it into an outdoor kitchen counter.
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