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  1. Phred

    MAK cool down mode

    When you're finished cooking should you use the cool down mode or can you just shut it down?
  2. Phred

    Which Rub

    What rub would you recommend for wild duck? Thanks, Fred
  3. Phred

    Baked Chicken

    I tried another chicken recipe on my MAK. I brined a cut-up fryer in buttermilk on Friday evening. Before I put the chicken in the brine I skinned them. On Saturday I took it straight from the buttermilk and rolled the pieces in crushed corn flakes. Placed the pieces on a cookie sheet and them...
  4. Phred

    Large cook

    One thing I learned after last weekend's cook I wanted to share. I smoked 8 butts on the MAK so it naturally produces a lot of grease as they render down. Because of their shear size some grease will get down inside of your smoker so make sure you clean it well so you don't have a fire. I read...
  5. Phred

    15 Butts

    I'm cooking 15 pork butts for a neighborhood party this Saturday. When you cook that many do you inject and foil? Thanks, Fred
  6. Phred

    GFCI Outlet

    Yesterday afternoon was the first time I've cranked up the temp on my Mak 2 to 450 degrees to sear a steak. On the way up my GFCI outlet tripped. It is a 20 amp outlet. It is about 15 years old. I have cooked several long low & slow sessions and haven't had any trouble with the outlet tripping...
  7. Phred

    Pulled chicken, how much?

    I am cooking pulled chicken for 30 people, how many thighs do you recommend I cook? It is for an office party, all adults. Thanks, Fred
  8. Phred

    A bit of pulled pork

    My first pork butt. It was a pleasure to cook on the MAK. Ready for wrapping. Ready to eat The prize, the money muscle
  9. Phred

    1st Dinner on Mak

    Here's a couple of pictures of my first meal grilled on my MAK. My wife said it was the best bacon she's ever tasted. Thanks Will. Marinated turkey loins wrapped in apple wood bacon
  10. Phred

    Another Pellet Smoker from Salt Lake City

    I have been lurking about the site for quite sometime and finally purchased a MAK 2 Star. After reading all the comments about the MAK it was a pretty easy decsion to make. I started cooking low & slow about six years ago trying to find a really good way to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving...
  11. Phred

    How much Time?

    So when I get home from work and fire up the Mak 2 how much time will it take to get up to grilling temperature (450)? Outside temp in the low 70's? Thanks, Phred
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