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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Even though it’s mostly crickets on here. I wanted to wish all of my fellow pellet heads a Safe & Happy Thanksgiving!!
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    Has Anybody seen this?

    Weber SmokeFire Pellet Grill | Steaks, brisket, & First impressions! - YouTube Looks pretty good. Nice price point too.
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    Grill grate question

    With the temp increase on the MAK & being 600 & being able to set the grill in " Grill" mode. I'm confused as to the information on the MAK site. It says that if you're grilling & using the grates that you're not supposed to set the grill higher than 350 because you might warp the grill grates...
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    Happy 4th of July!!

    Have a safe & happy holiday!! Let's see some holiday cook pics too!
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    Options question

    I know some people have Blackstone griddles. A lot of people have the griddle that MAK makes. This griddle looks a little small in my opinion. With the better heat of the new FZ. Any opinions on a full flamezone griddle If MAK made one? Does that sound like a good idea or an inconvenience or...
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    Anything New

    Haven't really seen any posts here for a while. Are there any new innovations/improvements coming in 2019 for MAK grills?
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    Pizza question

    Just wondering what type of pizza pan you use when making pizza in your grills? I see solid pans & pans with holes in them. Any suggestions on what type of pan works best? Cast iron, stainless, aluminum? Thanks
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    Anybody getting Spam notifications?

    I've had a couple of spam notifications on here. Anybody else getting hit? Just wondered
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    Any Videos?

    I was wondering. Since the upgraded Flame Zone is a new addition the MAK lineup. I was wanting to know if anybody has any videos of it in use. Maybe, cooking a steak or chops or anything? I know MAK used to have videos of the grill in the past showing its' versatility. Might be time for a...
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    Pizza question

    I was just wondering if anybody cooks pizzas on their MAKs and if they like how they turn out? Also, If you have a 2 Star. How many pizzas and how big of a pizza can you fit in there? Thanks!
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    New Flame Zone question

    I keep hearing how much better the new flame zone is. Say one wants to use the MAK for mostly grilling say 4 times a week. Does the new zone justify purchasing a MAK if you mostly want to grill? Also, with most gassers, after a cook you just turn the grill up to high and burn most of the gunk...
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    Merry Christmas

    I just wanted to whish you all a safe and Happy Holiday season. May all your cooks go well and taste great!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
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    Burnt End Help

    I was wondering if anyone had anyone tips on making burnt ends. Such as when during the cook do you cut up the point to make them? Thanks!!
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    Dry Brining?

    Has anybody every dry brined any steaks? If so, how do you like this technique and do you have any tips on performing it? Thanks, BP
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    Cleaning question

    Does the MAK get hot enough to clean the grates or do you have to throw them in the dishwasher or oven after you use them? I just wondered what most do to keep their grates clean. Thanks, BP
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    Has anyone tried to put larger wheels on their 2 Star? If so, could you include some pics or info on how you did it and roughly the cost? Thanks!!
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    Turkey help

    I usually brine & spatchcock my turkeys & cook them in the oven. I've never Smoked any or used any bbq type rubs. I am wanting to brine & spatchcock Again but wondered if any had any rub suggestions for the smoker/grill? Thanks!!
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    Probe Question

    I was wanting to know what is a good meat probe to buy? Thanks
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    Question Please

    Hi. I have a question. I am really wanting to get a pellet smoker. Of Course a MAK2 star Grill is my first choice. It is a little out of my price range. Not putting it down I would love to have one. So I hope I don't instigate a war against me. I would love to have a 2 Star. I saw Green...
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    Spatchcock Question

    I am wanting to smoke a Turkey around Christmas. I've never done one before. I'd like to spatchcock it but I don't know how. Also, I think I saw a post of one Big Poppa did and He had the probe going into the breast. At what temp do you pull the bird and will the skin turn out crispy? Any...
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