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  1. scott6049

    Smoked MeatLoaf

    Smoke MeatLoaf Weaved the Bacon Formed the meatloaf and wrapped in the bacon into the fridge overnight On the MAK 2 Plated Money Shot Enjoy
  2. scott6049

    Chicken and Country Style Ribs

    Chicken and Country Style Ribs. Rubbed Chicken with Mayo and seasoned with BP Money and Fine Swine and Bovine Seasoned Country Style Ribs the night before with BP Money and Fine Swine and Bovine My own Baked Beans On to the MAK set at smoke for 30 mins. then cranked up to 400 F. I later...
  3. scott6049

    Ribeye Steak and Homemade Smoked Suasage

    Ribeye Steak and Homemade Smoked Sausage First making the sausage On to the MAK set on smoke Ribeye Steak seasoned Time to plate everything This was my first time making sausage. I thought it turned out really good. Enjoy!:cool:
  4. scott6049

    Sausage Question

    Has anyone every tried the Smoked Polish Sausage Kit from, and if so how is it? Every since I got my MAK 2 I have been wanting to make some fresh smoked sausage. I thought I would try the fresh first then move on to some of the cured sausages. Thanks
  5. scott6049

    Pork Loin on the MAK

    Pork Loin with Pure Maple Syrup, Little Louis Seasoned Garlic Salt, my homemade BBQ rub,Red Pepper Flakes and BACON First rubbed the Pork Loin with Maple Syrup, then BBQ rub, Seasoned Garlic Salt and red pepper flakes Wrapped in Bacon and applied maple syrup and seasonings again On the...
  6. scott6049

    First Ribs on the MAK

    Decided to cook ribs for the first time on my new MAK 2. Started off by rubbing the Baby backs with vegetable oil. I then rubbed some homemade rub along with some Big Poppas Money rub. wrapped up and in the fridge for two hours. Set the MAK to 225 F and placed ribs on the upper rack with...
  7. scott6049

    My first cook on my new MAK

    I Spatchcocked two chickens, Rub them down with garlic Olive Oil. I seasoned one with Slap Yo Daddy BBQ Chicken Rub and the other with BPS Desert Gold & BPS Sweet Money. Onto to the MAK at 300 F until the IT reached 100 F. I then set to smoke for 45 mins. and then to 325 F until IT reached...
  8. scott6049

    First cook question?

    I am cooking for the first time on my new MAK 2 this weekend. I want to make the Pig Candy and the spatchcock chicken. What temps do I cook at for the pig candy and the spatchcock? Before I posted this I searched for hours and found so many different temps for both. I am confused on what is the...
  9. scott6049

    Finally Received My new MAK 2 Star (#1366)

    New MAK 2 After 1.5 hrs. of putting it together Still have to burn in and then it's time for PIG CANDY:cool:
  10. scott6049

    Hi, my name is Scott and I am new to Pellet Smoking

    Hello, I am new to pellet smoking. I just purchased a new MAK Grill 2 Star General from BigPoppaSmokers. I have never used a pellet smoker, but I have been learning a lot on from Meathead. I hope to learn from all of you too. Is the MAK 2 Star hard to put together? The people on...
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