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  1. Zephyr

    Ribeyes, the way I like um!

    Took a Ribeye Roast, a little over 4 lbs about 6" thick, cut it in half and pounded each steak down to about 1-1/2". So each steak was 2 lbs or better. Then grilled them up on the Mak! ........................... ZEP On a 13" plate
  2. Zephyr


    Meat cooked at high temperatures (well done to burnt) can produce carcinogenic (cancer producing) chemicals and research has recently discovered that when meat is cooked with garlic this effect is limited. :o I'm going to be making some Fermented Black Garlic too! Introducing a simple food...
  3. Zephyr

    Dry Aging Beef

    Day 1, Dry aging 8 lb. Rib roast. ZEP
  4. Zephyr

    Man who ate BBQ brush bristle

    Emergency surgery performed on man who ate BBQ brush bristle | Local & Regional | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News ZEP
  5. Zephyr

    Tender, Tender Chuck

    Used some of tips on trying to get a tender grass fed chuck roast. Well, I had two large chuck steaks, about 3 lbs. or so. Jaccarded both sides while frozen. Had a tall, large vaccum canister, put chucks in there with some red wine, vaccumed and put in fridge overnight. Then smoked them for an...
  6. Zephyr

    Dinosaur Ribs

    Beef ribs like they should be! :p:p Zep
  7. Zephyr

    Pig on Modified 150

    Pig on Modified 150 with 3 pork butts sewed inside! ............... ZEP In memory of my boss who died, engraved plate(not recently). Plugged gap across the top with flat bar and put in stack, just above drip pan level. This increased temp., 100 degrees more that before...
  8. Zephyr

    Marinated Country Ribs

    8 lbs. of marinated country Pork ribs, bone in. I forgot to take a pic when I foiled. ................. ZEP
  9. Zephyr

    Smokin "JERKY"

    Smoked three pounds of Grass Fed ground beef on three trays in the Mak warmer tray section for three hours at 142 degrees. Then put them in the food dehydrator for 12 hours at 150 degrees. The three flavors were Cajun, Fajita and Pepperoni. ZEP
  10. Zephyr

    The Build

    Lil-Tex, chopped up into pieces. ....... ZEP
  11. Zephyr

    T Jr. Mod

    Traeger Jr: Also has rotisserie inside, can see where motor hooks up on right, small hole for spit rod............................. ZEP With Hopper extention:
  12. Zephyr


    Not recommended. The center of gravity not good,(could be weighted for better balance) plus, have to cut ribs narrow to fit. I've got plans on how to make something better. ...................... ZEP
  13. Zephyr

    Hickory Bacon Wrapped Thighs

    I saw muebe's wrapped chicken legs, so I thought I would try it on some thighs. Pulled the skins off and dried the thighs with a towel. Put thighs into a big bowl and coated them with molasses, threw in some chicken rub and some Caribean Jerk. Mixed all by hand and wrapped each one in thick...
  14. Zephyr

    Bacon Spare Ribs

    Bacon Spare Ribs......................................... ZEP
  15. Zephyr

    Sweet Smoker Pics

    going to use fan only from the Mak with a variable speed controller. Going to smoke small limbs, oak, apple, cherry, hickory, etc. Warm smoke in main chamber and cold smoke in chamber off to the right......... ZEP There is a 1/2" hole from burn pot to smoker box
  16. Zephyr

    Thai Flat Wok on the Mak

    Zep, Would you give a detailed post of all the mods you have made to your MAK? With so many MAK-o-philes here, they need to see the fantastic mods you have made. I remember seeing them on the "other" site. Art Decided to make a Thai flat wok for my grill. The one on the Import Foods site...
  17. Zephyr

    Stuffed Pork Loin

    Stuffed with 1 1/2 lbs Italian sausage with chopped onions and minced garlic. Put on spit rod and sewed up the ends. Smoked two hours then set at 250 and pulled at 140. Put in pan with rack, apple juice and vinegar, foiled, back on at 250 and pulled at 160. Let rest in pan for1/2 hour, pulled...
  18. Zephyr

    2" Ribeyes

    On the Mak. 3 each 1-1/2 lb. Ribeyes on a 13 inch plate ZEP
  19. Zephyr

    Ribeye Roast

    Made a Greek seasoning, put on 10 lb. roast, put in oven at 500 deg. for 20 min., then turn down to 350 for 2 hours with flavor moisture tray underneath, took out and foiled on counter for 2 hours, then put on Mak smoker with moisture flavor pan until desired temp, pulled then let rest for...
  20. Zephyr

    Shish Kabob Pics

    On my Mak. My skewers are off, need to cut and re-weld one of the set collars I made with square holes in them. There are no thumb screws, just snap pins to hold everything into place, with multiple adjustments. ............ ZEP
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