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  1. Hobbit

    Labor Day Ribs

    Have been wanting to smoke some ribs all summer but this is the weekend to do it. So I got started and then discovered that my camera battery was completely dead...just not holding a charge anymore. So we have to join the show already in progress with the main stars already on stage... We...
  2. Hobbit

    Sunday Steaks

    After the kind of week it has been with a broken water main: It was time for a Sunday Steak dinner, so we let some NY steaks and some salsa corn soak up some smokey goodness Then a rest and a quick ride at 400 degrees for the steaks, salsa corn and some havarti quesodias Finally everything...
  3. Hobbit

    MAK 402 would like to know...

    should I remove the pellets after a cook and before I put the cover on. Do the pellets take up humidity over time and start to swell? Thinking about a pellet storage option after I open a bag (that's not resealable). What do you use to store pellets? Thanks, Hobbit
  4. Hobbit

    MAC 402 First Cook

    Was a corned beef brisket. Total time was about 5 hours, pulled at 190 degrees. Next time I think I will pull it a little lower and then let it finish under the foil. After making the corned beef we had to have Rueben sandwiches (on sour dough). The MAK even toasted the bread. And a...
  5. Hobbit

    MAC 402 Photo Album

    is now posted in the album gallery. Assembly tolerances were very tight! A very well made product. Thanks for looking.
  6. Hobbit

    MAK 402 Reporting for Duty

    The truck arrived with MAK serial 402 at 1200 this afternoon. By 1515 he was standing tall and ready for orders. With rain in the forecast ( and a big thunderhead bearing down on us) the only thing I will be testing is the cover. So the first first fire and seasoning will be tomorrow...
  7. Hobbit

    My name is Steven and I am a pellet smoker.

    Let me introduce my self...I have been reading this forum and finally contacted BPS and ordered my Mak 2. Still waiting for it so I will expect it to be another week or so before arrival. Already planning what I will smoke first (after burn-in). Looking forward to many hours of reading on...
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